Wednesday, November 13, 2013

Review: Wild Hyacinthe by Nola Sarina and Emily Faith

A deadly lover. His perfect mate. Asher is everything Aria's never dared to imagine: sexy, confident, and rich. But if she convinces him to take her to his bed . . . her first time may be her last.

Incubus Asher Chain seduces every woman he meets whether he wants to or not, and refuses to let anyone grow close to him. Until the alluring, tattooed waitress Aria Hyacinthe admits she’s been living in her car. Enthralled by her unusual beauty - and terrified he’ll succumb to his deadly, incubus needs - Asher offers her a place to stay.

Living in Asher's loft above his gym, Aria's desire for his body is growing more urgent with every touch. Used to being the backward, shy one, in his presence she becomes fierce, captivating, and breaks down Asher’s walls against all his attempts to keep his distance. She has no clue that if he gives in to her passionate pleas, she won't survive the night, just like all the other women who have fallen victim to his charms.

But the deeper Asher and Aria fall in love, the harder he must fight the incubus in his soul, demanding her life.

Sensuality Level: Spicy

Becky says...

I am normally not one to like Paranormal Romance. I read and loved The Dark Duet Series so I figured I would give this a try and I was pleasantly surprised. I give this 5 "paranormal newbie" stars

What kind of lonely life it must be for Incubus Asher Chain. He has Incubus needs make it impossible to grow close to another. He is rich, successful and HOT! He meets his women, shows them pleasure and then takes their lives. That is until he meets Aria. He offers her a place to stay knowing it could turn up very deadly for Aria, for she knows nothing of the man that's hiding inside. 

Aria was an easy character to relate too once she opened up about her past. Aria can not hide the sexual desires she feels for Asher. Living above his gym only intensifies her want and need for him.

To watch Asher struggle to do the right thing, cry for him when he gave into the Incubus was a twisting tale that I really enjoyed. I do hope other stories develope for the other characters. Congratulations Nola Sarina, you have converted me into a Paranormal fan and I will be watching for more of your writings.

Nola is a mother, wife, writer, and giggle-a-holic, living in Canada and raising a pack of kids. She is represented by Michelle Johnson of Inklings Literary Agency. In her spare time she can be found geocaching, guzzling coffee, or tending to her garden.

WILD HYACINTHE, a paranormal romance co-authored with Emily Faith, about the incubus who must resist the girl he wants to save her life, will be published by Crimson Romance in winter 2013. 

Nola's VESPER novellas are available on Amazon, with the VESPER novels on submission by her agent to publishers.

Born in Calgary, Alberta Canada, Emily Faith is a stay at home mother of 6 and a wonderful wife. Emily and her family settled in High River, AB after moving between small towns, After the June 20/2013 flood devastated the town the Faith family relocated to Vulcan, Ab where Emily is currently taking advantage of the small town silence to immerse herself into her writing and editing.

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