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Writing the book was the easy part.  No one told you that?  Let us help!

Services offered:

Quick turnaround

  • Cover reveals
    • cover, blurb, bio, author pic, social media links
  • Spotlights
    • All of the above, plus any combination of excerpt, author interview, character interview, Top Five list on a topic of your choosing, guest post (guided or topic of your choosing), playlist, character casting, any other post that interests you and BUY LINKS
  • Giveaways
    • While we don't charge for exposure, we do expect every author will participate in the weekly giveaway.  Hey, the blog is called Stories and Swag, no false advertising here.
    • Published authors: readers love ebooks, anything signed, and book swag of all kinds.
    • Aspiring authors: it's never too early to get gathering book swag.  Ask us, we can help!
    • OUT OF SWAG?  No worries! Readers love Amazon Gift Cards.  And with those .99 one -clicks, a $5 gift card can go a long way.

Worth the wait

  • Reviews
    • cover, blurb, author pic, bio, social media links, buy links, review
    • Depending on the reviewer, you may also get pretty graphics, casting, playlists, quotes or something else to make it special and unique.

About the review policy...

When we agree to review a book, we plan to review a book.  With that in mind, remember not every book is going to be loved by every reviewer.  If one reviewer is selected to review the book, but feels that the review would be less than stellar, we will offer it to another reviewer on the team.  Since our goal is to help build interest in your work we will never write a bad review.  If we feel we cannot give a good review, you will at least be given an author spotlight for exposure.


  1. Would love to get some promotion for my indie book The Wild Bone: The White Alpha of Monroe. You were referred to me through Julie Garrett. I would be willing to do the wkly giveaway. If you could let me know Thanks Julie

  2. Alexandra North - Author of The One Awakened, The first Erotic Novel in The One Series

    Propositioning him is one of the hardest things she’s ever done;
    One night of pleasure. I’m open to anything. No ties; the text reads.
    It couldn’t be simpler.

    I'm very interested in forwarding you my book for review. I'm due to self-publish on Amazon on 5th july 2014 but any feedback would be so appreciated. You are so right about the 'writing is the easy part' - I'm quicky realising that my book, has to become a business and working on the marketing, social media, etc to promote it. Any suggestions? You can email me at regards, Alex