About Us

At the moment...us...is really a me.

I'm a would-be author, turned blogger, turned self-published author, turned serial blogger, and now marketing guru.  There really was no way around it.

When I found myself an agent a few years ago, it was suggested that while I was talented, I needed a platform.  So, I built one.  Suddenly Single Journey was launched in June 2009 and featured stories about my life, a mix or parenting, dating as a divorcee, and everything in between.  As the blog grew, I ended up being invited to write for Deep South Moms, part of the now defunct Silicon Valley Moms.  Once I was syndicated through McClatchy News Service, the ball really started rolling.  An invitation came to join the Yahoo! Mother Board, a group of tech savvy blogging moms.  How I fit in, I still don't understand.  I made friends.  I networked.  (That part I'm pretty good at.) And soon I was asked to write for Yahoo!'s new page: YourWisom as a Dating and Relationship Expert.  I'm pretty sure my exact words were...I'm divorced.  How does that qualify me to be a dating and relationship expert?  It didn't, but they did like my writing style.  And so did many others, which is why I was transferred to Shine in the same capacity, and later also made a Shine Parenting Guru.

Along the way, I've remarried and renamed the blog something more fitting...like Suddenly *Not So* Single Journey.  Clever, right?  I've published some books and finally figured out  how to market my work through the help of the multi-talented JB McGee, best selling writer and the brains and talent behind Indie Pixel Studio.

So, I keep very busy, but never too busy to help others.  Since I am an author I don't like to review other writers.  It's...messy.  I like to leave that to the readers.  Therefore, if you are a reader, contact me to become part of the team.  I'd love to have some reviewers working with us.  It isn't a paid position.  (Neither is mine!)  The perks, however, are out of this world!

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