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Long before Dani Reed and Micah Landry, there was the story of Deacon and Camille. Camille Benoit loved to express herself on canvas and was a dreamer at heart. The small farm she was born and raised on bordered the Landry Plantation, providing her with prime real estate for daydreaming. Even though she spent a lot of time with her head in the clouds, one thing she was always certain about were her feelings for Deacon. He might ve been two years older and one of her brother s best friends, but none of that mattered to Cami. Deacon Landry, older brother to Micah, was the local football star. The town might ve put him on a pedestal, but he always had his feet firmly planted in the rich Louisiana soil. With all of his skills on and off the field, a good head on his shoulders, and a heart of gold, he was quite the catch, and everyone knew it, especially his long-time best friend, Cami. "I know we've done things slowly, but I've loved you since I knew what it meant to love someone. " He is all her heart has ever known. Her past, present and future. But will the future live up to her dreams? Join Jiffy Kate in this second book of the Finding Focus series as they take you back to where it all started.


This is the second book in the Finding Focus series but do not be fooled and think that because you were introduced to these characters in the first book that you have it all figured out because I can assure you, you don’t. This book is told in both alternating POV and alternating time frame so you get all aspects of their story, because these two characters have known one another their whole lives I think it’s important to get the history along with there here and now.
Deacon Landry is the oldest son of the infamous Landry family in French Settlement. To outsiders it may appear that he has lived a privileged life and grown up with a silver spoon in his mouth, but to those fortunate enough to grow up literally right next door they know the real Deacon that not many take the time to know. Living in a small southern town it’s to be expected that every red blooded American male is all about football and Deacon is no exception, he is the star of his high school team and has offers to continue on through college, only that isn’t Deacon’s plan. Deacon knows what he wants and even as a senior in high school he has a plan to make his dreams come true.
Camille Benoit has grown up living next door to the Landry’s her whole life. Both families are lifelong friends her brother and both the Landry boys are best of friends and with all of them being so close it’s no surprise that Cami is the crown jewel of them all. Growing up as the baby of the group and the only girl could have been more than some could handle but not Cami and not when she always had Deacon as her back up. But as time passed by and people grow and move in different directions life settles in and the things you have always known are suddenly not the same and looking back you don’t even know when the change happened.
Deacon and Cami dance around their feelings for one another for years never being on the same path at the same time. But eventually the stars align and they begin to find their way. Chasing Castles is about two people who dare to dream the same dream but can’t seem to find a way to make their dream a reality. They struggle both as individuals and as a friendly duo to get back to something that has always been as easy as breathing. Following this story in all its twists and turns and trying to figure out which way is next will keep you guessing from the first page to the last but one thing you won’t do is regret the journey. I loved this book and I loved these characters and that no matter what obstacles life threw in their way they managed to find a way around them and they fought for themselves and each other.

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Sheridan Dani Reed is a recently unemployed photojournalist living in New York City. Her boyfriend is vacationing without her, and her best friend has abandoned her for a job in the south.
Is a quarter-life crisis a thing?
After accepting a freelance job in Louisiana for Southern Style magazine, she feels the bleakness of her life back in New York fading in the rearview mirror. Getting back to her southern roots seems to be just what she needs to lift her spirits and spark her creativity. During her stay, she meets playboy Micah Landry and his colorful family. She knows she should avoid him and keep things professional, but his southern charms are hard to resist.
Through the lens of her camera, she finds the beauty and soul of the Landry Plantation, but it s her beauty and soul that capture Micah s attention.
When an unexpected phone call takes her back to New York, she s forced to face the life she was trying to escape head on.
Will her trip and the Landrys only become fond memories, or will Dani find her way back to them and her beloved south?
In their debut novel, Jiffy Kate bring you a story of love, adventure, and finding a place to call home.


4 Southern Stars!!!!
Sheridan Reed or Dani as she prefers is living her dream or so she thought. As a young girl she wanted to go off to New York and go to school, she made that dream come true and there she met Graham whom became her next dream in life. Now four years later Dani is living in New York and she and Graham are still dating but that is where the progression on her life ends. Recently let go from her job and finding out that Graham is going out of the country on vacation for a little “me” time without even a backward glance at his girlfriend, Dani is alone and wondering what her next step is when her best friend calls her with an opportunity that is the catalyst for changing her life.
What Dani thinks is just a business trip and one that will help her get her professional mojo back is actually just the beginning of her self-discovery and finding out that everything she thought she wanted was waiting on her just not in the places she’s spent years looking. Going to Louisiana to interview and photograph the Landry Plantation will change more than just Dani’s employment status.
Enter Micah Landry he is the French Settlement playboy and proud of it. Micah believes in having fun and isn’t ready to settle down. He likes his life the way it is owning his own restaurants with his brother, living in his cottage, spending time with his family, and enjoying the company of a lady when he wants. He sees no reason to change what works for him and he makes no promises to anyone he spends time with, but things happen when we least expect them and it is guaranteed that Micah Landry had no intentions of letting the beautiful journalist writing a story on his family home take up residence in his mind.
Spending time with the Landry’s has given Dani a sense of nostalgia and a longing so strong it’s unexplainable, but spending time with one Landry member in particular has given her a different kind of longing and as the hours turn in to days it’s a longing they are both fighting against. When Dani gets an unexpected call and has to abruptly pack up and leave she quickly realizes she is leaving so much more behind than she arrived with a week ago.
In the aftermath of Dani’s absence Micah is forced to reevaluate his life and what he wants but he is not willing to put any added pressure on Dani. If he can only be her friend he would rather have her friendship than nothing at all, as time passes they both continue to nurture this friendship and when the anvil drops on Dani yet again it is Micah she turns to. Wanting nothing more than to be there for Dani Micah runs to her but is willing to just be a shoulder if she needs it, what he doesn’t realize is she has been feeling all the same emotions he has but has been trying to get her life to a place where acting on those emotions is possible.
What started as a spur of the moment freelance job turned into Dani finding focus not just with her camera lens but also in her life, follow along on her journey of discovery and remembrance and watch as she rights her course to the direction she was always meant to travel.  
Jiffy Kate has done a wonderful job of capturing the spirit of the South. As a southerner myself it is easy to notice when an author truly knows how life is in the south or if they are just basing it on what they have heard. I love the realness of this story and they places she describes it is easy to imagine going there for a visit or stopping in just to try some of the food you’ve just read about. This was my first book by this author but I can honestly say she has an avid fan and I look forward to many more works from her.

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Jailhouse Rock by [Von, A.R.]



When Bonnie's Cousin goes to prison just for having the wrong friends, She goes faithfully to visit him. She notices the good looking guard there all the time, but feels it would be awkward to approach him.

Dean watches Bonnie every time she comes to the prison and finds himself falling for the frequent visitor with the speed of a freight train. When he hears her singing one day, there in the visiting room, he realizes he just has to get to know her. The question is, how? Then when she's viciously attacked by a violent prisoner, he realizes how much she means to him.

Can these two overcome their hesitance and find a way to be together?


What a romantic read. The entire time I was reading all I could think about was how romantic and sweet this live story and characters were.

I won't give anything away but Bonnie and Dean were written as realistic characters that I feel in love with . They catch each others eye when Bonnie visits her cousin in jail. When an event at the jail happens Dean checks on Bonnie to make sure she is ok and a romantic relationship goes from there. This story was sweet, loving, realistic and just the right amount of angst to keep you turning the pages. One of the great parts was how music played a role with everyone. You could here the music and lyrics in your head as you were reading.

This is a short story so it is an insta relationship.

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They are two strangers, struggling from day to day—one trying to overcome the past, while the other hides behind it. 

Just when Tripp Alexander thinks he has everything figured out and nothing can stop him, a swift dose of reality plants his feet firmly on the ground. Maybe a little too close to six feet under.

Loren Jenson knows heartache. Circumstances from her past have tarnished her outlook on life, making her feel like her future has been pulled out from under her. That is, until a boy with deep green eyes and a shy smile falls into her life, bringing with him a connection she can't deny.

Will they be able to trust enough to share their secrets and accept one another, despite what they've been through? Or will the truth about their pasts derail the chance fate has handed them?

How do you allow yourself to live out the life set before you when you are the other one?


Tripp Alexander had it all the perfect family, good looks, popularity, a gorgeous girlfriend, star athlete, and more friends than he could name.  In the blink of an eye everything that made you envy worthy can all be taken away and what you are left with is just a shell of your former self. Now Tripp’s spiral to the bottom didn’t happen instantly it was a more gradual chain of events in a short amount of time but the end result was still the same, he was no longer and nor would he ever be the same Tripp Alexander.
Loren Jenson is no stranger to disappointment she has grown up in a hell of her nonexistent parents creation but when an escape presents itself she jumps at the opportunity. Just when she realizes the life she wants is not the life she has, everything implodes around her. Now Loren has spent the last nine months living in the turmoil of her own guilt. Not thinking of anything but her pain she has resigned herself to a ritual of self-loathing, misery and punishment.  During one of these purgatory torture sessions, blinded by the agony of her past she looks up into the eyes of someone who finally “sees” her.
Tripp has a crippling fear of humiliating himself in front of Loren but like a moth to a flame he is drawn to her and each time his addiction only intensifies. Loren is stuck in her head and cannot shake the memories and the doubt that she deserves happiness, but there is something about being with Tripp that makes her question everything inside her head.
Can they each take a chance on the other, how much loss and suffering can one person endure before they give up completely?  Can two tragically damaged souls find the healing retribution in the comfort of someone just as flawed as they are? This is a story of loss and heartache but at the same time is about personal growth and self-discovery. Learning to rise above the challenges you face and becoming a better version of yourself in spite of the obstacles you face. Each has their own demons but they are both willing to sacrifice and work toward healing not only themselves but each other. Their story is hauntingly beautiful and so profound; it opens your eyes and allows you to remember that everything is not always as it appears.

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Pierce My Heart (Women of Willowbrook Book 1) by [Jensen, Kelsey]




It all began with a choice...

Anna Pierce had, by all accounts, a blessed life. She grew up in a home full of laughter, love, and support. Where the biggest problem she faced (other than how to deal with her family's crazy antics) was deciding her plans for college. Little did she know the ugly path her choice would drag her down.

A choice that left her free-falling...

Fast forward five years. Her life still held that same laughter, love, and support, but it was no longer full. A shadow hung overhead, waiting. Always threatening.

Until he caught her...

Jake Taylor stormed into her life and turned her world upside down. He made her feel things she'd hidden away from; made her face life again. But, most importantly, he helped her find the light. 

And gave her happily ever after...

*This book contains adult content (lots of swearing, a little drinking, and some sexy times) and is intended for readers 18 and older*

**This is book one in a series, but each book will be a STANDALONE with a new couple. NO cliffhanger**

Trigger Warning
(Physical abuse)


4.5 STARS!!!

To say Anna Pierce has grown up in an overprotective bubble is an understatement.  Being the only daughter and growing up in a family with two very protective brothers, and an extended suedo family who gives her own flesh and blood a run for their money  she always has someone wanting to come to her rescue and shelter her from the world.  But what sometimes appears to be the fairytale life can also sometimes cripple us and cause us to make poor decisions, when Anna is faced with this reality her life is turned upside down and she has to reevaluate everything.

“Eyes I knew from the first time I saw them that I could get lost in them”

It has been 2 years since Anna’s life changing events and in those 2 years she has grown and started to once again become the person she was but at the same time she is playing it safe and closing herself off to the possibility of ever having more with anyone other than her family. A chance encounter at an animal shelter changes everything and proves that sometimes fate is at work no matter how much you try to avoid it.

“If you don’t feel it now and know why, you will, Anna. I promise that.”

Jake is instantly drawn to the beauty walking toward him on the sidewalk and wants more than just a casual hello. Little does he know that he is about to get his wish in more ways than one. Jake is no stranger to pain and suffering, he has dealt with his fair share but somehow managed to come out on top. Now he just has to convince Anna that there are good things just out there waiting to happen and you can’t sit back and not live your life because of all the ugliness in the world.

“Told you, sweetheart. I’d catch you any time, whether you ask or not.”

This is a somewhat insta-love story but also contains the bones of previous skeletons in some parts so there are a few times that it’s not all rainbows and sunshine. It is about two people who have suffered different life altering pains but have worked hard to survive and build a new life in the wake of those crushing times. I loved this couple and watching how they really cared about the bigger picture not just the benefits of the here and now.  The supporting characters are also wonderful and I loved them all and can envision this being someone’s actual family, I hope there are spin off books containing some of these people because I’m not ready to let them go. This is a super quick read that leaves you satisfied and thinking about the characters long after you close the book.

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 New York Times and USA Today bestselling author Molly McAdams’ powerful new novel offers one of the most memorable love triangles in fiction since Twilight—perfect for fans of New Adult fiction like Jamie McGuire, Abbi Glines, and Tamarra Webber.

Futures are uncertain, unpredictable—like ink spilled across the purest surface. Nearly imperceptible ripples move and flow until a unique stain is formed. The ink is permanently imbedded in the surface…

During one wild night in college, Jentry Michaels is a tidal wave of ink that brands Aurora Wilde’s soul. An unparalleled stain she can’t forget despite the many months that have passed—and despite the distraction she’d hoped she would find in her new relationship with Declan, the charmer who captured her heart soon after. Jentry has irrevocably touched her soul, and he is intertwined in her present and future in ways she never fathomed. Now Aurora is faced with keeping that night hidden though it feels as if the ink has indelibly etched their story across her skin.

When Declan is confronted with his own personal demons, Aurora must decide if she will continue to hold tight to their relationship and a safe, reliable future with him, or if she will turn to Jentry—the guy she can’t forget no matter how hard she tries.…


Have you ever experienced that once in a lifetime, feel it in your bones, soul baring, heart achingly beautiful type of love making? No, well, Rori aka Aurora has. Just the once, though.  She met “Jay” at a frat party. She felt the pull of him and throughout the night their eyes kept finding each other across crowded rooms, drunk girls, and bad intentions. She never expected to see him again. Just a one-time best sex of your life drunken night.

Jentry was home from the Marines, hanging at his brother’s frat party when he saw her. He needed to know her. Feel her.  Hear her.  He couldn’t tear his eyes off of her.  Once he finally got close enough to do those things he didn’t want to let her go. But he had promises to keep and people to protect.  In the end he would only know her as Aurora.

Aurora’s never been one to just randomly hook up with guys and the one she did stole her complete being. She couldn’t get him out of her head, off her skin, out of her heart.  She needed to find him and the only thing she knew about him was his name was “Jay” and the frat house in which he lived. Sure, he said he was leaving the next day, but wasn’t that just a line used in most one night stands So, she went searching him out but to no avail.  The only thing she found were some sexy green eyes and a prince charming named Declan.

Declan fell head over heels in love with Rori. They moved in together and talked about their future. They faced normal obstacles and some abnormal obstacles but they loved each other and could survive it.  Couldn’t they? Rori loved Declan just as much she could but there was always going to be a part of her still in love and in lust with “Jay”.  After all, it was him she imagined during sex, his eyes she told herself she was looking in, and his body she was being satisfied by, not Declan. 

When Declan’s brother, Jentry, joins them for a family getaway at the beach no one is more ready to meet him than Rori. She’s heard nothing but great things about him and how much the family loves and respects him. He was adopted but he’s still 100% family.  It takes about 3 seconds before her heart jumps from her chest to her feet and she feels it break into a thousand broken shards. She knows that face, that smile, those eyes.  She remembers the way he tastes and the way he feels.  She knows that her life is about to spiral out of control now that she’s face to face with the only man who’s ever made her feel alive, her boyfriend’s brother, Jentry or “Jay” as he told her to remember him by after that one night of heaven on earth. 

Can you love two people at once? If it’s different type of love, can you? Is it possible to love one man but be in love with another? Rori and Jentry both feel as though they’ve cheated on Declan but since it was before she met him, it wasn’t cheating was it? Is it cheating if they don’t tell him and just move forward with their lives? Will they be able to forget about their one beautiful night or will the memory become too strong to ignore? What will happen if Declan finds out, will he let her go or fight his brother for her?

I love Molly McAdams and her writing.  This one is a no brainer, must read.  There’s nothing she writes that I don’t love.  She hit this one out of the park with a love – not – so – triangle. 
ARC provided for honest review by Harper Collins Publishing via Edelweiss

Favorite Quotes:
~~The past was standing right in front of me, begging to be seen.
~~I tried to forget you, but somehow you embedded yourself so deeply into my soul in just one night, that forgetting you – forgetting that night – was impossible. I don’t need a lifetime with you to know that no one and nothing will ever compare to what’s between us.
~~There’s no mistaking the girl who destroyed your entire being.
~~Letting you leave that night was the biggest mistake of my life, but not letting you leave now would be the second. So leave before I starting fighting for you in a battle I can’t win.

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The Neverland Trilogy Box Set by [Myers, Heather C.]


**Special promo price: $0.99 for 1 week after release until it jumps to $4.99


With over 200,000 words and three full-length novels combined in this captivatingly dark box set, The Neverland Trilogy is a unique twist on a classic fairytale...

Death in Neverland: Book 1  In the Neverland, people don't grow up. Because they're dead.

Remy Cutler dies, and somehow escapes certain death. She returns to the land of the living with nothing but a ripped gown and a fear of heights.

Two years later, she plans to escape her arranged marriage by stowing away onto a ship in hopes to leave her home with no one knowing. However, she is found out, and the sailors aren't happy. Before any damage can be done, she is yanked from her predicament back to The Neverland, a place where death resides - the very place she escaped from years ago. Souls are ferried by her savior. To her, he's known as Nick, but to The Neverland, he's the slippery Nicholas Grey.

The more time Remy spends with Nick and his crew, however, the more she realizes he's shockingly misunderstood. Pirates aren't all bad the way gentlemen aren't all good. One such gentleman goes by the name of Peter, and he has nothing but power on his mind and revenge against Grey in his heart. And then there are those that are completely indiscernible, like James Hook, a Viking and ruler of The Other World, whose sole ambition is attaining more souls to rule over, no matter what the cost.

Love in Neverland: Book 2  Love in Neverland is as hard to capture as fairy dust.

Luckily, Magdalena Trainor has no need for either. Love has never been at the forefront of her mind. Her sole focus is to keep an eye on Captain Nicholas Grey while James Hook - the only person Magda trusts - has Remy Cutler in his clutches. She doesn't expect the task to be difficult - Nicholas Grey may have brawn but doesn't appear to have any brain - except he turns out to be more than she bargained for. And not in a bad way.

For Remy Cutler, love in Neverland is impossible and uimportant. All she wants to do is get back home, back to her parents, her easy life, and even her undesirable arranged marriage with a man she has no passion for. James Hook may be beautiful, but he's cold, and while he does not raise a hand to her, Remy is constantly left alone, isolated from everyone save for her handmaiden. Rey still has no idea why she's so special, and James isn't sharing what he's planning to do with her either. There's a threat looming over her head, and James Hook plays two parts: captor and protector. With no one left to trust but him, she puts her life - and heart - in his hand - and hook.

Life in Neverland: Book 3  Life in Neverland does not exist. It is a cage no one can break free from.

Remy Cutler learns this the hard way. As captive of The Magistrate, Remy must find a way to save herself and prevent The Magistrate from getting what she truly wants: control over all three realms in The Neverland. If The Magistrate succeeds, Remy will have no chance of ever returning home. Instead, she will be condemned to a mundane task for the rest of eternity - ferrying souls to her captor. She will never see her loved ones again. She will never get the opportunity to decide for herself if The Neverland is her home. She will never get to tell James Hook that if life in Neverland is a cage, she wouldn't want to be trapped with anyone else.

When The Magistrate offers Remy the chance to interrogate Peter Pan for information that could help James in exchange for Remy's freewill, Remy must decide for herself if providing information to James is worth her freedom.

Displaying 81cfV34USzL._UX250_.jpgABOUT THE AUTHOR:

Full disclosure: I am an acquired taste. I'm a typical blonde Orange County suburbanite who says 'like' more than necessary, laughs loud and probably obnoxiously, and loves to dance in the rain. I'm a 26 year old college graduate with more than a few tricks up my sleeve, and I also happen to be a pretty big Ducks fan. Oh, and I'm a writer. Like, for real. 

I don't speak in third person (normally) nor do I wear glasses (except when I'm feeling particularly mischievous). I'm lucky to have found my soul mate at the ripe old age of 22, even though he frustrates me on purpose to get a reaction out of me. We live near Disneyland, have two rambunctious female puppies, and have a beautiful baby girl. He has two amazing boys, and has gotten me hooked on Smallville, watching soccer (okay, okay FOOTBALL - FC Barcelona,                                    baby!), and Cancun Juice.


Twitter: @heathercmyers

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Serenading the Shadows (Lightning Strikes Book 1) by [Larson, Jodie]


No one should have their life planned out at the age of three. Yet that's exactly what happened to Adrienne Carmichael. Paving the way as the "piano prodigy" was all her parents wanted... Only she didn't.

All she wished for was to be normal, to be a regular teenager and everything that came with it--including the decisions that would shape her life.

Wish granted.

Ten years later, scarred and broken, she knows that being alone isn't everything she imagined. The piano is finally everything, except nobody will ever hear her play again.

All that changes when a sexy-as-sin rock god blows into her life. Tall and tattooed with jet-black hair and a dangerous bad boy smile... he's every girl’s fantasy. 

To her, he’s a distraction, yet Kade Evans is everything she shouldn’t want. 

Instinct tells her to run, but she can’t get him out of her mind.

But maybe, just maybe, he can be the one to pull her from the shadows before the darkness swallows her...for good.


​am a
 sucker for a
​ good​
​rock star
​ This one is
 jam packed with
​ so deep that you can literally feel it jumping off the page at you. 

Adrienne, a piano prodigy, and Kade Evans, rock band 
​front man. In my mind they don't go together but in this authors mind, they did. And I'm so glad they did.  

I'm not a huge fan of instalove but he had to fight for her. He had to bring her out of her head and out of her "I'm poison" mindset. 
Adrienne had lived a life of heart ache after 
​losing ​
her parents

​She just happened to cross paths with Kade and the moment they locked eyes, she knew she was in trouble 

​I read this book in just one afternoon. It's my first book by the author but there will definitely be more to come!


Fabricating Jada by [Marie, Vanessa]

I need a mentor. 
YouTube videos can only teach me so much. 
And I want to learn from someone real. 
From someone tangible. 
But no one takes me seriously. 
Only in my wildest dreams would I be mentored by Jesse Valentine. 
He’s the top motorcycle and hot rod fabricator in the nation. 
He also has the reputation for being one of the biggest jerks that ever lived. 
Not to mention they say he can’t keep it in his pants. 
I’m not interested in any of that. 
Only in his knowledge. 
I crave it. 
And then I heard about the class he’s holding for the public. 
I had to earn my spot. 
Prove my worth. 
Show them all that I was more than just some silly girl. 
My name is Jada Carmen and I was born to build cars.


This book is about a woman who has a dream and gets the chance to learn not only more about her occupation but learn from the best. Jada has drive, a temper; she's a fighter. She goes after her dreams and no matter how many times life and people knock her on her ass, she gets back up. 

Jesse is an alpha ass with an attitude and knack for fabrication. They have amazing chemistry and like any relationship they have their issues. I loved watching them grow along with their relationship. I loved the fact that while it was a slow burn and not insta love, it was intense. 

I've never really desired dual POV but in this book, dang, I wish I'd had it. I would have loved to have been in his head to get his "feel" of things. I can't wait for more from Vanessa Marie! 

You know what makes me different? 
The thing that sets us apart? 
Life experience. 
I've never been tucked in at night. 
Hot meals and clean clothes might as well be fairy tales... 
I've never felt safe enough. 
Only by the police. 
The word doesn't exist in my vocabulary. 
I'm damaged goods. 
An easy paycheck. 
I thought there was an ulterior motive... 
There always has been. 
Until I met the McKinleys