Monday, November 21, 2016



They are two strangers, struggling from day to day—one trying to overcome the past, while the other hides behind it. 

Just when Tripp Alexander thinks he has everything figured out and nothing can stop him, a swift dose of reality plants his feet firmly on the ground. Maybe a little too close to six feet under.

Loren Jenson knows heartache. Circumstances from her past have tarnished her outlook on life, making her feel like her future has been pulled out from under her. That is, until a boy with deep green eyes and a shy smile falls into her life, bringing with him a connection she can't deny.

Will they be able to trust enough to share their secrets and accept one another, despite what they've been through? Or will the truth about their pasts derail the chance fate has handed them?

How do you allow yourself to live out the life set before you when you are the other one?


Tripp Alexander had it all the perfect family, good looks, popularity, a gorgeous girlfriend, star athlete, and more friends than he could name.  In the blink of an eye everything that made you envy worthy can all be taken away and what you are left with is just a shell of your former self. Now Tripp’s spiral to the bottom didn’t happen instantly it was a more gradual chain of events in a short amount of time but the end result was still the same, he was no longer and nor would he ever be the same Tripp Alexander.
Loren Jenson is no stranger to disappointment she has grown up in a hell of her nonexistent parents creation but when an escape presents itself she jumps at the opportunity. Just when she realizes the life she wants is not the life she has, everything implodes around her. Now Loren has spent the last nine months living in the turmoil of her own guilt. Not thinking of anything but her pain she has resigned herself to a ritual of self-loathing, misery and punishment.  During one of these purgatory torture sessions, blinded by the agony of her past she looks up into the eyes of someone who finally “sees” her.
Tripp has a crippling fear of humiliating himself in front of Loren but like a moth to a flame he is drawn to her and each time his addiction only intensifies. Loren is stuck in her head and cannot shake the memories and the doubt that she deserves happiness, but there is something about being with Tripp that makes her question everything inside her head.
Can they each take a chance on the other, how much loss and suffering can one person endure before they give up completely?  Can two tragically damaged souls find the healing retribution in the comfort of someone just as flawed as they are? This is a story of loss and heartache but at the same time is about personal growth and self-discovery. Learning to rise above the challenges you face and becoming a better version of yourself in spite of the obstacles you face. Each has their own demons but they are both willing to sacrifice and work toward healing not only themselves but each other. Their story is hauntingly beautiful and so profound; it opens your eyes and allows you to remember that everything is not always as it appears.

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