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Long before Dani Reed and Micah Landry, there was the story of Deacon and Camille. Camille Benoit loved to express herself on canvas and was a dreamer at heart. The small farm she was born and raised on bordered the Landry Plantation, providing her with prime real estate for daydreaming. Even though she spent a lot of time with her head in the clouds, one thing she was always certain about were her feelings for Deacon. He might ve been two years older and one of her brother s best friends, but none of that mattered to Cami. Deacon Landry, older brother to Micah, was the local football star. The town might ve put him on a pedestal, but he always had his feet firmly planted in the rich Louisiana soil. With all of his skills on and off the field, a good head on his shoulders, and a heart of gold, he was quite the catch, and everyone knew it, especially his long-time best friend, Cami. "I know we've done things slowly, but I've loved you since I knew what it meant to love someone. " He is all her heart has ever known. Her past, present and future. But will the future live up to her dreams? Join Jiffy Kate in this second book of the Finding Focus series as they take you back to where it all started.


This is the second book in the Finding Focus series but do not be fooled and think that because you were introduced to these characters in the first book that you have it all figured out because I can assure you, you don’t. This book is told in both alternating POV and alternating time frame so you get all aspects of their story, because these two characters have known one another their whole lives I think it’s important to get the history along with there here and now.
Deacon Landry is the oldest son of the infamous Landry family in French Settlement. To outsiders it may appear that he has lived a privileged life and grown up with a silver spoon in his mouth, but to those fortunate enough to grow up literally right next door they know the real Deacon that not many take the time to know. Living in a small southern town it’s to be expected that every red blooded American male is all about football and Deacon is no exception, he is the star of his high school team and has offers to continue on through college, only that isn’t Deacon’s plan. Deacon knows what he wants and even as a senior in high school he has a plan to make his dreams come true.
Camille Benoit has grown up living next door to the Landry’s her whole life. Both families are lifelong friends her brother and both the Landry boys are best of friends and with all of them being so close it’s no surprise that Cami is the crown jewel of them all. Growing up as the baby of the group and the only girl could have been more than some could handle but not Cami and not when she always had Deacon as her back up. But as time passed by and people grow and move in different directions life settles in and the things you have always known are suddenly not the same and looking back you don’t even know when the change happened.
Deacon and Cami dance around their feelings for one another for years never being on the same path at the same time. But eventually the stars align and they begin to find their way. Chasing Castles is about two people who dare to dream the same dream but can’t seem to find a way to make their dream a reality. They struggle both as individuals and as a friendly duo to get back to something that has always been as easy as breathing. Following this story in all its twists and turns and trying to figure out which way is next will keep you guessing from the first page to the last but one thing you won’t do is regret the journey. I loved this book and I loved these characters and that no matter what obstacles life threw in their way they managed to find a way around them and they fought for themselves and each other.

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