Monday, November 11, 2013

Blog Tour: Review of Break my Fall by J.T. Cameron


When Leah’s ex-boyfriend Kevin betrays her in a horrifically public way, she leaves town to spend her last summer of college in a place where no one knows who she is or what happened to her. 

All she wants is a little peace of mind and some good surfing so she can regroup before returning for her senior year. 


After his own tragedy a few years ago, Drew developed an entirely new and unique outlook on life and became a risk-taker, daring and dangerous, everything Leah wanted to avoid. 

But a bizarre encounter forces her to let Drew into her life, little by little, secret by secret. He’s smart, funny, persistent, and makes money in a rather unconventional way. 


They share a mutual fascination and attraction, until her past with Kevin complicates her present with Drew, making Leah question her future. 

Just as her life seems to be spinning out of control, Leah learns that sometimes you save someone by letting them save you.

(BREAK MY FALL, the first book in the No Limits series, is a complete, full-length novel that can also be read as a stand-alone.)

Melanie says...

"... life is nothing more than what’s around you at any time, and what you choose your life to be.” - Drew
Break My Fall is a nice quick read. It kept me turning the page well into the night. The characters were interesting and the story line flowed nicely.

At the end of Leah's junior year of college in Florida she not only catches her boyfriend Kevin cheating on her but learns that he posted nude pictures of her on the internet.  Mortified, she decides to escape to Charleston, South Carolina to deal with her hurt and to surf. Surfing provides her a moment of freedom and comfort from her troubles. She rents a little apartment above the garage of a nice elderly couple and gets a job in a surf shop in town.

Just over three months ago, life was perfect. Then, suddenly, it was hell. I’d learned over the course of the summer that even though the Universe can throw your entire existence into a state of disorder without warning, it can just as easily put you right where you need to be. - Leah
When Drew, a guy that just keeps popping up in places she is, asks her to lunch, she decides to take a chance. As they begin to spend time together he slowly breaks down the protective barrier she has built up around her and introduces her to the art of counting cards.

Drew was risky, daring, even dangerous. All the things I didn’t need to be around. And I was loving every second of it. - Leah
As the summer begins to come to an end, she is faced with heading back to Florida to finish her senior year of college, she realizes that Kevin is more vindictive than she had ever imagined and now she was in danger of being seriously hurt.
“My life changed the first time I saw you. And you’ve changed it every day since. This is just the beginning for us. I didn’t think it was possible, but I love you now more than I did yesterday. There are no limits.” - Drew
This was a great debt novel by J.T. Cameron and I would love to read more about Leah and Drew because I think that there is a lot more story to be told. The story ended on a good note but the story is not over. It wasn't a cliffhanger but it didn't answer all of my questions.
4 Stars!

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