Saturday, November 9, 2013

Review: Must Love Otters by Eliza Gordon

Hollie Porter is the chairwoman of Generation Disillusioned: at twenty-five years old, she’s saddled with a job she hates, a boyfriend who’s all wrong for her, and a vexing inability to say no. She’s already near her breaking point, so when one caller too many kicks the bucket during Hollie’s 911 shift, she cashes in the Sweethearts’ Spa & Stay gift certificate from her dad and heads to Revelation Cove, British Columbia. One caveat: she’s going solo. Any sweethearts will have to be found on site.

Hollie hopes to find her beloved otters in the wilds of the Great White North, but instead she’s providing comic relief for staff and guests alike. Even Concierge Ryan, a former NHL star with bad knees and broken dreams, can’t stop her from stumbling from one (mis)adventure to another. Just when Hollie starts to think that a change of venue doesn’t mean a change in circumstances, the island works its charm and she starts to think she might have found the rejuvenation she so desperately desires. But then an uninvited guest crashes the party, forcing her to step out of the discomfort zone where she dwells and save the day ... and maybe even herself in the process.

Christine says...

Someone call a Dr. Because my sides are killing me from laughing so much. Who would have thought a book titled Must Love Otters would be packed with so much fun.

Hollie a 911 operator is teetering on edge needing to break free and find herself. Landing at a retreat in Canada, Hollie's life is about to be turned upside down.

This book literally had me laughing from page one. It was like sitting in a comedy club listening to my favorite comedian.

"I slide into the bathroom to shave so he doesn't complain about my prickly legs again (if he doesn't like the legs, he certainly won't like my panty tarantula).


"Linda, did he take any drugs tonight? Did he drink anything? Anything I can tell the medics so they'll know how to help?" "Umm... Viagra. And some scotch. It's Batman night..." 

OMG Batman Night!! The whole phone call the woman was more concerned about it being BATMAN NIGHT vs listening to Hollie try and tell her how to help her husband LOL.

Oh and this beauty after a round of golf:

Breakfast + lunch + dinner = three strokes. Then the hole?”

bwwaahhaaa and this one:

"But all this rowing and fretting and swimming and almost dying with orcas has expended my energy molecules, spent them like a redneck lottery winner's wife in a bedazzled gun shop" 

Seriously Hollie's story is one that keeps you going. I mean where else will you learn this : "Note to the world: Viagra + scotch + heart condition = dead with a boner"

In the end you have a quirky and fun love story that keeps you wanting more. 4 stars for sure!!! I hope there are more books in the future!

Eliza Gordon is a forgetful girl who relies on Post-It notes and cellphone alarms to get her through the day. An avid eater of cookies, she can be found with her hand in the jar when not in her cubicle. A purveyor of fictions, Eliza is confident that the life she lives in merely the imaginings of someone else's hand, poured from a dull pencil on cafe napkins, and that she is simply an understudy, waiting for her turn to take the stage. She has excellent taste in books, shoes, and friends, and questionable sanity in the realm of love. Best leave that one alone.
In real life, she's a husband-and-wife team of controlled chaos who writes stories to help you believe in the Happily Ever After.

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