Wednesday, November 6, 2013

Review: Beautiful Rose by Missy Johnson


Jack Falcon is a new man. Three years after he left his life behind in London, Jack finally feels settled. He’s surrounded with everything that is important to him; a great relationship with his brother, Alex, a bar he is about to re-open, and most importantly, he has control of his life and his dreams. He knows he can’t undo the wrongs of his past, but he sure as hell can determine his future. He has worked hard to move forward and nothing is going to undo that.

Until he meets Rose. 

Rose Wilson has never felt normal. Since she was a child, Rose has felt nothing but the overwhelming desire to end her life and she has no idea why. We live to die, so what’s the point in living? Rose has pushed the limits in the past, and pushed people away. She can’t figure out why Jack and Alex are so insistent on helping her. Twelve years of therapy has failed to help her, so why should they be any different?

Jack sees just how beautiful and important Rose is, but convincing her of that means putting his heart on the line, something he isn’t sure he can do. He can’t deny his feeling for Rose, but that doesn’t mean he has to act on them. And Jack isn’t the only one developing feelings for Rose. 

Before Rose, Jack vowed he would never let himself fall in love again. 

Before Rose, he had control. 

But sometimes, it’s losing control that makes you really see what’s really important in your life.

Melanie says...

Beautiful Rose picks up three years after Seduce (prequel) ends. Jack has closed himself off to having an emotional relationship with a women because he is afraid of the possibility of losing her like he tragically  lost Belle in London. Belle was the first women he loved and he has lived with unwarranted guilt of her untimely death. He has been choosing women that are not particularly nice or friendly because he knows that there would be no chance of falling in love with them. 

... I never wanted to put myself through that, ever again. Being in love had been incredible, but losing it almost broke me. I'd changed a lot over the past few years, but the pain of losing love was something that had never wavered. - Jack

After buying the bar that he had been working in since he arrived in New York, Jack's brother Alex asks him to hire Rose as a waitress. She had just been kicked out of her parents house after signing herself out of the mental facility that Alex works for. She had been there due to a failed suicide attempt.

It wasn't the song I couldn't get out of my head, it was her. I had been thinking about her since yesterday. Her face had been branded into my memory; I wasn’t able to distinguish if I had really met her the day prior or if she was just the face of a fantasy that had warped and wired its way through my twisted thoughts. I'd convinced myself that it was that fucking song that I couldn't get out of my head, but it had nothing to do with that. It was all about her. - Jack

Rose has suffered with depression and anxiety for as long as she can remember. When she found out what had happened to Belle, she was afraid to be with Jack because she couldn't trust herself to not try to kill herself somewhere down the line in the future. She didn't want to be the person who broke him if she were to hurt herself again. 

I didn't have a problem that could just be fixed with therapy or drugs. It was hard to describe how I felt. Most of the time I could work through the anxiety and get on with life, but eventually it would get on top of me. It's like I'm running too fast and I know I need to slow down but my feet won't listen. I can see that wall getting closer and closer and I know I'm going to hit it and it terrifies me. What scares me the most is not knowing what's behind that wall. Still, I can’t help but think it has to be better than living. - Rose

This is a good continuation of the man we met in Seduce. It was almost as if Jack was a completely different person, but in a good way. His journey has been long and hard, but at least he isn't drinking himself to death. The love that he has for Mr. Jefferies is so cute. :-)
If you liked Seduce, then Beautiful Rose will not disappoint. And Missy Johnson can sure write a steamy, hot sex scene! There is this one particular three-some scene - holy cow I thought my Kindle would burst into flames! 

4 Stars!

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