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Review and GIVEAWAY: Angel of Mine by Jessica Louise

Angel of Mine by Jessica Louise


If you had the ability to heal with just one touch, the capability to absorb other’s pain by making it your own, would you do it?

The gratifying feeling she gets from helping others intoxicates Ally; the glowing warmth within constantly simmers, incessant on bursting free. Ally was born to do this, but how much more damage can her body take?

Theo finds himself getting close to the girl that continues to inflict pain on herself. When he discovers her secret, his overwhelming concern drives him to do everything in his power to prevent Ally from getting hurt, no matter how lovely her intentions are.

Theo also has secrets and will take any measure to keep them hidden from the girl he is falling in love with. He knows better than to let her get too close. She can never find out the information he conceals because she cannot help him anyway.

Devastating circumstances. Helpless love. Where there's a will, is there actually a way?

Disclaimer - This book is set in Australia with Australian characters. It often uses Australian terms and is written in Australian English.


Excerpt 1 –
Like every other day this week, I sit in the shadow of the oak trees, drinking up the site of ‘Mr. Hottie’ kicking around the footy. He is the same guy I lost my sanity over the first day I came to this beautiful park. Even though he is here every day, he doesn’t notice me. Each day I get a little more confident, inching closer towards where the shadows end, and the sunlight begins to bathe the open fields. I haven’t quite made it into the light yet though.
His muscles flex as he runs, and the glistening sweat on his skin lures me in. My body moves on its own accord, slanting in his direction. I imagine his smell, all manly and salty from the sweat, and daydream of licking the trails of it down his body with my tongue. I breathe in deeply, but I am not near enough, and all I smell is the freshly cut grass of the fields.
I find myself standing up, and as I step out into the light, it jars me out of my trance. It’s too late to turn back and hide as my shadow crosses his line of vision, and I am rooted to the spot. I am so close I could reach out and touch him.
My heart rate spikes as he turns around. It feels like my tongue is thick and swelling, filling my whole mouth. I know I should stop staring and look away, but I can’t. He is gorgeous.
My eyes lock with his. They are a stunning green, and sparkle like wet grass after a rain shower with the sun gleaming off it. He holds my gaze, and it’s as though he is looking right into my soul. His jaw drops in disbelief, and I feel panic bubble up inside me. Does he somehow know my secret? No, it’s impossible. I break the connection and shake the thought away.
My mouth is hanging open in disbelief. I have just turned around to find the most stunning woman in existence. Is she real? Stepping closer, I can’t help but blurt, "You are the most exquisite angel I have ever seen." I am thoroughly awestruck by her beauty. Chocolate coloured locks flow around her face. Thick dark lashes frame her eyes, and they are so deep and blue that I could get lost in them; when she smiles after the compliment I gave her, they are utterly dazzling. Her lips are full and she is biting on the bottom one, sucking it in to her mouth, and it is driving me just a tad crazy. She looks ethereal. There’s a mysterious electricity crackling in the air between us. My breath stills as I wait for her reply while I continue to take her in.
She flushes a light shade of pink then softly replies, “Thank you. My name is Ally." Her melodic voice floors me. She sounds angelic. A faint vanilla fragrance fills my nose, making me feel a little dizzy. Maybe I over did the whole exercise thing today.
Have I died and gone to heaven without even knowing it happened? Did something just transpire back there on that field? I start to turn around to see if I have left my body behind, when out of nowhere, my brother Alex swiftly throws the football at my head and knocks some sense into me in the process.
What the fuck was that? I just turned into a bloody puddle of mush. I know after what I have been through that I am more emotional than most guys, but come on, that was messed up.
I risk glancing back up at her. Shit, I’m screwed. This chick has some kind of strange hold on me. Just standing there as an idiot proves to be about the only thing I can do.
“Hey. I’m Alex, and this smooth talker here is my brother, Theo.” Alex winks, and then extends his hand out, offering to shake hers. He has a way of putting any situation back at ease.
She looks dubiously at his outstretched hand, decides to ignore it, and shyly answers, “Hi, I’m Ally. I’m sorry to get in the way of your football game. I was just leaving.” She looks past us into the distance and finishes by saying, “Enjoy the rest of your game.” Then she steps around me and hurries off.
I spin around, gaping after her as she walks away. She stops at a young boy crying by the play structure. I didn’t notice him at first because all my attention stayed focused solely on her. Crouching down, she places her hand on his knee and relays what I can only assume are soothing words because his tears dry up. I wonder where the boy’s mother is.
Jogging over to give Ally some assistance, I spot blood dripping from a deep cut on her knee. “Oh my god, your knee is bleeding. Are you okay?”
She seems startled by my presence. The young boy is looking back and forth between the two of us, his mouth wide open. Ally seems to have the same effect on him that she did on me; maybe he thinks she is an angel too.

Excerpt 2 -
 “I have something I need to show you.” He looks at me expectantly as I gather my thoughts and try to work out the best way to explain.
I survey my surroundings, trying to find something that will help do the job. Dry leaves crunch under my feet after a summer of minimal rainstorms. Autumn colours litter the landscape as far as the eye can see. Finally, I find what I am looking for. Although a little shrivelled, this little flower is the one rare spot of colour and beauty standing out against its dismal background.
“Pass me your water bottle please.” Dutifully he passes it over, and I unscrew the top to get it ready. Already knowing the outcome of this little experiment, I want that water available to me straight away.
“Don’t take your eyes off the flower.” He nods and looks to where the depleted lily is situated. Slowly raising my hand, I crouch and move it over the petals in deliberate circles.
Tingles start travelling through my fingertips as they heat up. A slight glow illuminates around my hands, and that familiar blissful feeling flows through my veins. A smile creeps over my lips, and I am enraptured as the flower comes back to life before our eyes. With no more brown edges taking over the petals, they are now full of colour and perfect. This never gets old to me.
Excerpt 3 -
 We rock on the porch swing, admiring the changing colours of the afternoon sky as the sun sets. Shades of pinks, purples, and oranges decorate the horizon, and the smile it bestows upon Ally’s face is so dazzling that it lights her up.
Curled up against my side her with feet tucked under her, she absently draws random patterns on my bare leg with her fingertips. She is driving me crazy. I slouch further down into the cushioned seat of the swing and pull her tighter against me, hoping this may cause her fingers to inch just a little higher.
I pepper little bites up and down her exposed neck, making her squirm and giggle. I swirl my tongue around the slight marks to soothe them. I want to eat her alive. “You taste delicious,” my voice is husky.
She guides my hand from her waist to her breast, and I groan. Squeezing lightly, I start to ravage her mouth with my own. Through the thin material of her satin top, I can easily feel the effect I have on her and trace around the hard peak with my fingers while fantasizing about doing the exact same thing with my tongue.
Just as thoughts of how innocent she is pinprick at the outer edges of my brain, she moans into my mouth and I come undone. I lay back and pull her over the top of me, grinding up against her. The bulge in my cargo shorts is hard as a rock, and it pushes stubbornly against my zipper. The side of the swing digging into my back doesn’t even bother me, and I have totally forgotten that we are out in the open.
Any logic that materialized earlier concerning the need to slow things down for her sake has vanished. May God have mercy on my soul.

Kathy’s Review
Ally isn't your average teenage girl. She quickly learned at a young age that she has an exceptional ability to relieve the pain of others by absorbing the pain herself. Not only can she heal people - but she feels compelled to do it and gratified by it.  In order to avoid becoming a science experiment Ally's mother shelters her daughter.  She is home schooled and rarely leaves the house.  Taking a walk to the park is the most exciting thing she has done in years.  While at the park Ally meets Theo, a young man with a few secrets of his own.  The two are immediately drawn to each other and neither can deny the attraction.  Theo is wise beyond his years.  He is loving, thoughtful, and gorgeous inside and out.

To say that I was blown away by this novel was an understatement.  Don't dismiss this novel as an insta-love paranormal romance. It is so much more than that.  Each word flows beautifully.  Each sentence a treasure.  The highlighter worked overtime on my ereader.  It hasn't seen this much action since I read Hopeless by Colleen Hoover.  The writing is poetic - it grabbed me from the first page and wrapped around my heart. This is a novel stayed with me long after I turned the last page.  I felt every emotion right along with Ally, Theo, and their families.  The slow build up of the story culminates in a slew of tears.  Jessica Louise breaks your heart and puts it back to together again with a big twist.

If you are new to reading paranormal romance this would be a good start for you.  There are very little paranormal elements.  There is just enough to create a unique story bursting with emotion.  This is a YA novel appropriate for teens.

If you loved Hopeless by Colleen Hoover and Edge of Never by J.A. Redmerski you are sure to love this gem!  Welcome to the favorites folder Jessica Louise!

"I was born to do this, I want to do this, and I can handle the pain.  I will live; I am used to it by now. It is such a gratifying feeling to be able to take away someone else's pain for them.  To be honest, I am somewhat addicted."

"Closing my eyes, I relax and sink back into the grass.  I feel the occasional autumn leaf float by as it falls to the ground.  My body goes lax as I soak in the peaceful surroundings.  I may have assured to Mom that this would be uneventful, but to me, this is the most exciting thing that I have done all year. No, make that the last ten years."

"Live life to the fullest, love in every moment like it is your last, never give up hope, and never hold back"

An ARC of this book was provided in exchange for an honest review.


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