Monday, September 30, 2013

Promo & GIVEAWAY! The Lotus by KM Dylan

A fashion model’s scandalous erotic odyssey continues in the sequel to Cult of Beauty: the Secret Life of a Supermodel, as Katie Wolfer battles with her step-sister and gets in deep with a charismatic, French billionaire on a secret project: The Lotus. Rife with drugs, wild sex and other questionable behaviors, Katie's story is a roller coaster ride that pulls back the curtain on a shocking, decadent world.

 As one of the most beautiful women in the world, Katie is a magnet for people’s desire, and she herself has a deep wild streak that makes her a perfect match for French aristocrat and polo player, Victor de Goncourt. He wants her to help him run a very special project: The Lotus. Can business and pleasure mix?

Victor seduces Katie in his favorite spot in his family’s chateau’s grounds:

He growled, “You’re one of the most beautiful girls I have ever met!”
I rolled my eyes, and he grinned slyly. I had heard that line many times.
“You make me crazy. I have never felt like this before for anyone, I swear!”
“Come on, Victor, control yourself! We can’t do this… Someone will come! Let’s wait to do this later.”
He didn’t even bother to try to remove my thong, but ripped it off with a fierce, savage gesture.
“I’m sorry, Katie, but I can’t wait,” he grunted.
I gasped, shocked by his out-of-control lust and impudence. I felt like a slave girl of ancient Rome being taken by a barbaric, Goth invader, helpless, overwhelmed by his brute force… and very, very wet.

K M Dylan is a former model turned author. She is half French, half American and lives in NYC.

Her introduction to erotica was from amazing classics her parents had hidden away. After reading books by Anais Nin, Emmanuelle Arsan and Pauline Reage's Story of O, she decided it was okay to experiment sexually, sometimes linked to a romantic relationship, and sometimes not. Ms Dylan's career in fashion together with her sexual exploration have provided inspirational material for her erotic writings. When she's not writing, she loves to collect art and travel.

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