Saturday, September 14, 2013

Blog Tour and GIVEAWAY: Review of Faithful by Kelly Elliott

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No matter how faithful love can be…it takes only one moment to change it all.

After Heather Lambert’s parents died in a tragic car accident her senior year of high school, she refuses to let anyone into her heart for fear of being hurt again. Focusing only on school to follow her dreams of becoming an elementary school teacher, the last thing Heather intends to do is fall in love with Josh Hayes.

Josh knows the moment he lays eyes on Heather that she is the one he’s been waiting for. During months of obstacles and denied feelings, he is rejected by her time and time again. 
When he finally wins her love, Josh and Heather start planning their future together…until Heather receives one bit of news she never wanted to hear again. 

There has been a car accident. 

Josh wakes up with no memory of Heather, and his ex-girlfriend, Victoria, is his nurse. Heather must decide if she’ll risk being hurt again and fight for the one man she loves with all her heart. 

Will Josh remember Heather when she needs him the most? Or will Victoria take advantage of this opportunity, pushing Heather away from Josh for good?

Faithful is the third book in the Wanted series by Kelly Elliott.

Elle says:

The gang is back in the latest installment of the Wanted Series by Kelly Elliot. Faithful is a must read! For anyone who loves the Wanted and Saved, you will not be disappointed with the third book in the series.

The first two books set the bar high for my expectations, and Kelly delivered in every way. This novel has it all – swoon worthy men, fierce females who stop at nothing to protect their friends and families, tender moments that make your heart flutter, and enough drama to make your head spin. A true full-length novel, this story satisfies from cover to cover.

I fell in love with the characters all over again! I loved the main plot with Josh and Heather. There were countless tear-jerking moments that had me crying happy tears. There were also subplots with the other characters, and I have to say the one that shocked me the most was Brad and Amanda’s. These two characters have played smaller roles in the first two books, and I was really happy to see their characters developed and have more of a storyline in Faithful. Like the other novels, this one ends in a cliffhanger that lays the foundation for the fourth novel in the series. I. CANNOT. WAIT. FOR. MORE.

Despite the roller coaster of emotions I experienced, overall I’d say this is a heart-warming book with a tolerable amount of angst and drama. There a wonderful balance between the moments that tear your heart to pieces and the moments that piece your heart back together again.

If you haven’t already gotten your hands on the Wanted Series, what are you waiting for? Once again, Faithfuldelivers a FIVE STAR MUST READ story that should be at the top of everyone’s TBR list.

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