Monday, March 31, 2014

Review of Walk Into Me by Jill Prand

I know I will never get over her. Watching her walk away with him ripped my heart out and left it
bleeding on the floor. But I can’t hide anymore. I have to face my life without her. ~ Brad

Brad has been in love with Lisa for as long as he can remember. One night years ago they took each other’s virginity but while it was the best night of Brad’s life, for Lisa it was a way to forget about Bobby. Or was it?
Brad re-emerges right when Lisa needs him most. Only Brad knows everything about her and when Lisa’s insecurities come to the surface the shoulder Lisa needs is Brad’s. Now Brad has to decide if he has it in him to trust his heart.

April says…

Walk Into Me is written from Brad and Lisa's POV.  And I am all for Team Brad and Lisa.  Sorry Team Bobby fans! I wanted to scream multiple times at Lisa to stop jerking Brad around like a giant yo-yo, or using him to get over Bobby yet again.  And then go run to Brad and say "Ya big dummy, you are too good for her! Find someone worthy of your heart!"

Bobby is head over heals in love with Lisa.  He has been since he first laid eyes on her when they were kids.  He is the best friend/lover a woman could ever want in their life.  And Bobby, he is the bad boy that all the women end up wanting and getting.  Lisa, well, I am still unsure of her still after two books.  She has pushed and pulled away so many times it is frustrating.  I understand her pain at being walked away from in her past, and again in her future by Bobby.  But if a guy continuously does it....Walk away from him, Right?? Walk into the one's arms that has been the one constant in your life, like Brad!!

Who will Lisa end up with? What happened to Bobby really? And why did he want Brad to be the one to give those letters? What is this spell and connection that Bobby and Lisa have between them? 

Yes, there are hot scenes in there that will make you want to fan yourself a few times.  ;) But the ultimate read is the love and heartfelt connections that the characters have between them. 

Jill is an AMAZING story teller, with her amazing background of the characters, their heartfelt nature for one another and amazing friendships.  Jill, I will need a few boxes of Kleenex's with the third book.  I know I used at least one between the first two books.  I cannot wait for book three.  This is a definite five star read!!





Meet Jill Prand

Living in Northern New Jersey and originally from Long Island, Jill Prand is a wife and mother of two girls. She's been an avid reader all her life, spending Sunday afternoons curled up with a good book. 

"We had a huge bookshelf in our den when I was a child with a diverse set of authors like Ayn Rand, Stephen King, Mario Puzo & Danielle Steele. I cut my literary teeth on Walter Farley, Judy Blume and SE Hinton before raiding my parents library." 

Jill is currently working on the Walking Series as well as a stand alone novel. She loves to hear from readers.

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