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Blog Tour: Under the Orange Moon by Adrienne Frances

Adrienne Frances and Bandit Publishing are excited to share with you the RELEASE of “Under the Orange Moon” by Adrienne Frances. Make sure to check out the preview on itunes, add to your Goodreads, pick up your copy and enter the AMAZING GIVEAWAY below for a KINDLE PAPERWHITE, SIGNED PAPERBACKS, Amazon & iTunes GIFT CARDS! Also, don’t forget to join us at the Release Day and Blog Tour Event starting on March 20th – join by clicking the below link.


Genre: New Adult/Contemporary/Romance

Dylan Mathews grew up in a house that was always filled with good-looking guys. However, with four protective older brothers they never stood a chance.

Except for one.

Dylan knew she loved Ben McKenna from the first time she laid eyes on him. When he started sneaking in her room, she thought he felt the same way.

But just as their passion ignited, he left for college and never came back.

Until now.

Returning home after 5 years, Ben realizes Dylan has always been the one for him.

Can he win back her heart and finally find love under the orange moon?

Melanie says

Wow! I didn't expect for this book to get to me the way it did. I swooned, laughed, cried, and smiled. At times my chest hurt from the pain that the characters were in.  I can't believe that this is the authors first novel!
Under the Orange Moon what written in a narrators POV and it took a while to get used to reading that way, but once I got past it I realized that the story would not have had the effect that it had on me if it had been written differently.
Dylan is the only daughter and has four brothers. All of them are older except for Jonah, who is her twin. Ben, is Jonah's best friend and lives a few houses away. Ben has a very hard life. His father is a distant, hard to please judge that left when he was a boy but never divorced his mother. Ben's mother is a pill popping, abusive alcoholic mother that only sees her absent, cold husband in her sons eyes and ingrains in Ben that he is just like his father and isn't deserving of love.
From the moment Ben was old enough to remember, it had been drilled into his head that feelings were a weakness that truly strong, successful men should do without. It was weak to love, to cry, and to show compassion.
But at night, he sneaks into Dylan's room every night to cuddle with her. They never do anything else until he rejects her the night before he is to leave for college. Fast forward 5 years, to when Ben comes home for the first time since leaving and everything picks up where it was left off. But just like before, Ben alone with Dylan was very different from the Ben out in public and with her brothers.
... watching her in all her sun-drenched beauty, looking out over the scenery below, he only regretted more the way he acted when her brothers were around. He wondered if she knew how he really saw her: faultless and fascinating. He wondered if it was written all over his forehead as he imagined it was whenever he spoke to her. Even 5 years later, that spark - that fire - still burned only for her. 
Beauty was not hard to come by. Ben could find it easily where ever he happened to glance. It was all around him on a regular basis. Dylan was more than just beautiful, though. She was resplendently perfect. But he could never have her.
I really enjoyed this book. The angst is throughout the entire book and your heart will break for both Ben and Dylan. There isn't a cliffhanger but I have a feeling that we will be reading more about the Mathew's brothers, at least I hope so!
4.5 Stars!!!!

You can read a sneak peek of the book at iBooks

Adrienne Frances spends her time as a writing consultant at a university near her home. In her spare time, she loves to be with her husband and two sons, who have made her exactly who she is today. Writing is a passion that she has appreciated for as long as she can remember. She believes that a wild imagination is a terrible thing to waste and should be captured and brought to life by all that are blessed to have one. This way of life is what led her to become a writer and later an author under Bandit Publishing. Her first celebrated novel, Under the Orange Moon, is set to release in March.


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