Monday, March 17, 2014

Blog Tour: Giving In (The Sandy Cover Series, Book 1) by M.R. Joseph

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Raphael Cruz doesn't do it. He just doesn't. Cruz doesn't fall in love. He's a "get in and get out" kind of guy. Ladies love him and fall all over him for his swoon worthy good looks and overwhelming sex appeal. He knows how to talk to them and tells them exactly what they want to hear. When he's done making them scream his name, he shows them straight to the door. The meaning of the word love doesn't exist in his world. But that could all change with a wink of a girl's eye... And one hot-as-hell romp in a bar bathroom.

Harlow Hannum is your typical girl-next-door. She has the brains, the beauty, and the money. What she doesn't have is the luxury of being someone's first choice in the game of love. She always comes in a distant second place, leaving her guarded with her feelings. Lies, betrayal, and secrets of her past follow her wherever she goes, no matter how hard she tries to hide them. That is until she's reunited with the one guy who can ignite the spark in her heart that's been extinguished for so long.

With sunny days, heated nights, and love lingering in the air in the beach town of Sandy Cove anything can happen. Especially when fate steps in for Harlow and Cruz. Will their blossoming friendship turn into unexpected love or will the collision of their opposing worlds be the end of what could have been?

Danielle says…

This Book was a Hidden Gem!
It was full of Angst, Love, Laughter, Great Friends, Hot Sex Scenes & Second Chances,
When you first meet Cruz & Harlow, they have just hooked up in a Nightclub Bathroom.
Flash Forward to one year later.
Cruz is a Former Marine who is studying to become a Police Officer.
Harlow is a University Student who is studying to become a Teacher.
They meet again after Cruz pulls over what he thinks is a Drunk Driver, not knowing that it is the Girl from a year ago until he sees her licence.
As the Summer progresses, you get the chance to see a friendship grow between them.
This is one of those Books that has twists & turns that you don't see coming, until it happens & that's when you say that explains a lot!
I was pleasantly surprised with this Book, as once I start reading it, I was hooked from the 1st Page right up to the last Page!
Word of Warning, though.
This Book ends in a Cliffhanger!
Can't wait to read more about this Series!

I'm a book nerd turned writer who loves the 'Happily Ever After' mixed with a bit of suspense, drama, and the occasional cliffhanger! My love of books has brought me on my writing journey. I began writing my first book in July 2012 and since that time I have created 2 series. The first series 'The Reunion Series' debuted in November 2012 and two books followed. My new series 'The Sandy Cove Series' will release in March 2014. The first book is entitled 'Giving In'. I'm still an avid reader and huge Indie Author supporter! 

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