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Blog Tour: My Confession by Delaine Roberts

Harrison Brooks possesses all the qualities most women admire. He’s a gentleman first, has made his own wealth and could charm the pants off of most girls with his model-quality good looks. He’s played hard with the big leagues and enjoyed the likes of many women willing to be his evening’s conquest, hoping to capture the heart of the rich playboy.

When Harrison meets Monica Green, he leaves his life in Chicago behind to be with her. 

With trust issues, he allowed jealousy to destroy his relationship with Monica, and even more desperate, he magnifies events as an excuse to be a jackass and leave her, shy of the alter. 

Desperate and drowning in self-pity, Harrison moves back to Chicago and finds his life turned upside down one night at Logan’s Bar. The events that unfold help him discover the man buried inside himself that he really wants to become. Will he make more mistakes and find himself in shreds?

Becky says…

** 4 ☆'s**

When I signed up to do this review for Stories & Swag I didn't realize I would need to read 2 other books before this one.. I normally dread trilogies in fear that by the time I reach the third book, I'd be over it.. It's refreshing to say that wasnt the case with The Running Series =)

I could actually feel the emotions and personalities of Monica and Harrison.. Its superbly written and before you know it, Bam you have finished the book. To hold my attention all the way through says something about My Confession and DeLaine Roberts.

It was different to read of a main character , Harrison, who is genuinely a caring, loving, kind man. Normally they start out as douchebags who treat the heroine badly but THEN after all the mean, turn out to be a great guy by the end. That wasn't the case with Harrison and knowing Monica kept such a secret from him, made me dislike her a teeny tiny bit for just a slight moment lol. Even through his trust issues, I couldn't help but to love him. He goes out of his way to help people succeed and acheive their dreams in such a selfless way. If only all men could be labeled a Harrison lol

Monica and Harrison have many issues to work through. I will not give spoilers but as you read you realize he will do anything to prove just how much he loves her. Great job DeLaine on a splendid story that was a joy to read♡

DeLaine Roberts is your typical working wife and mother. When she's not working at her day job in the medical field, you'll usually find her on the phone networking or tapping away at the keyboard. She suffers from laptopitis!

Writing is a passion and it's nothing to see the desk light on at 3am.

An avid cook, reader and cross-promoter, DeLaine likes to keep her options open, cookie-dough included.

DeLaine loves to hear from readers, so please reach out at

My Confession #3 of The Running Series

Books in the Series

Running to you #1

Alexandra Morrison believes that she has found the perfect job as a medical sales rep in Dallas until she has an infuriating encounter with the elusive Dr.Grayson Brooks.

Grayson, newly single, is used to getting his way. That is, until he crawls up the wrong side of this stunning redhead when he gives her the brush off.

What starts out as a planned business meeting winds up being an unplanned entanglement. As the past haunts the couple's future, Alexandra keeps her running shoes on and the exit door in her sights.

Will Grayson conquer her ultimate fear of trust in a real relationship, or will he lose out to her doubts when he makes a dreadful mistake?

Two Sides of a Heartbeat #2

"I never stopped loving you, I just stopped begging for you. There's a difference."

After a beautiful proposal, Dr. Grayson Brooks pleads with his fiancée, Alexandra Morrison, not to get on the plane. Once the plane is in the air, the events that unfold turn their lives upside down. The tragedy and loss engulfs both families in a situation that spirals out of control.

Secrets are revealed and the past once again haunts both families; as if that isn't enough, Olivia Balcone, once engaged to Grayson and romantically involved with his twin brother, Harrison, returns to Dallas and stirs up more feelings and a lot more trouble.

Alexandra was so close to having it all: a baby, a gorgeous husband, and a family united. But is she strong enough to fight for what she wanted?

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  1. I'm thrilled for you to be hosting My Confession and The Running Series on tour!
    I love your review and happy that you fell in love with my spicy Harrison. He is a sweetie and knows how to light up the room....all of them!
    Grayson and Harrison may be identical twins, but there is such a contrast to the way that they take care of people and love their women.
    Harrison's story wasn't originally planned. But, as stories and readers unite, things happen.
    The real Monica in my life is such a sweetheart and I adore her, she presented as the perfect muse and yes, she does MMA fighting! She would kick Harrison's booty into high gear, lol!
    Thanks you again for supporting Indie Authors and featuring my work. I'm humbled.
    All the best,