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Review: Masquerade (The Games Series, #3) by Nyrae Dawn

A biker. A tattoo artist. A love to last a lifetime.
Maddox Cross has always had to be tough. When his father went to jail for murder, the teenager took care of his sister and mother. Now on his own and working security at a night club, Maddox wants to become a tattoo artist-a dream that comes closer to reality when he falls for the hottest, most tatted woman he's ever seen. She's wild and beautiful, and Maddox will do anything to be with her.

Bee Malone came to town to open up her new tattoo parlor, Masquerade. Since being kidnapped as a young girl, Bee has had trouble getting close to anyone. But when she meets Maddox, she sees that under his hard biker's body is the sensitive soul of an artist. What starts out as a sizzling one-night stand soon becomes so much more.

Bee wants Maddox to join her tattoo business, but letting him into her life means revealing all her most intimate secrets. And as the past begins to intertwine with her present, Bee fears their love may not be as permanent as their ink . . . 

Jamie says...

Well this book was the third in the Games series.  You really should the first 2 in this series Charade and Facade as well not only because it follows the story line but they are awesome books as well! Well Nyrae Dawn has become one of my favorite authors because of this series! 

This book is about Maddox and Bee.
Maddox was introduced in the second story as the brother of Delaney.

Oh Maddox he is very moody, arogant, sexy as hell man!  He has taken care of his sister for a long time because of his mother and fathers past indiscretions that he feels somewhat responsible for.  Because he lives with this guilt he doesn't let anyone into his heart only one night stands here or there.  He has a dream to be a tattoo artist and is getting turned down every where he goes because he is new and no one has the time to teach a newbie.  So he works as a bouncer at a bar and one night he meets this done on herself sexy woman who he thinks he will only see for one night. Does a one night stand that he thinks is just for one night turn his world upside down, can she be that answer to his tattoo dream. 
Bee, she is a very strong female character, which you will find in this whole series that you will love all the femal leads.  Bee has a very big secret and it turned her world in to shambles and she is trying to pick up the pieces and she doesn't have time for love nor does she want love because if her own parents could do what they did to her out of "love" then love should be outlawed in her eyes.  She finally has her dream tattoo shop and will do anything to make it succeed.  Will a one night stand change her life too?  Will he she see him again?
You have to read this story there chemistry and connection is so massive and the sex scenes are amazing.  Its a little roller coaster ride and Maddox is so worth swooning over!   Pick this whole series up right away you will not be dissapointed I guarantee it!!!  

Melanie says...

.... I want her to know me in a way no one else has. That even though I never thought I would fall for anyone that I've somehow fallen for this women. That I love her... because everything almost feels okay with her standing with me. - Maddox
I was so excited to read Maddox's story, and it did not disappoint!! It can be read as a stand-alone, but I would not recommend it because Colt and Cheyenne and Adrian and Laney (Maddox's sister) still play a big role in the story and it would help you to understand what the characters have been through in the past.
Bee is so lost. My heart broke for the things that she went through growing up. She is trying very hard to find herself because at 22 she is completely lost. All that she is sure of is what she wants to to with her life. Tattoo. With the help of her birth parents, she opens her one women tattoo shop called Masquerade. She has no friends and doesn't know how to act around her family. When she feels the need to escape, she goes to alcohol and random one-time-only hook-ups. She is closed off to all emotion and has a fortress of walls built up to protect herself.
"You have to face your life head-on and keep moving. No matter how confused you are or how much something hurts, you keep going." - Bee
Maddox is hard as nails and doesn't let anyone other than his sister get close to him. He is being eaten up by misplaced guilt. He is also an artist and all he wants is to become a tattoo artist but he is stuck being a bouncer at a club because he hasn't found anyone to apprentice under. When Masquerade opens he is excited at the chance that they would let him learn there, but is completely crushed when he learns that Bee, the girl he just had a one night stand with, is the owner.
Brutal honesty is underrated and I can see that he has it, like I do. If I were a different kind of girl - the kind who believed in love - Maddox would be the guy I'd fall for. - Bee
Against Bee's better judgment, she let's Maddox apprentice at her shop and a mutual friendship coupled with intense attraction develops but neither one knows how to say the words to the other.
There's this strange thump in my chest and this urge to grab her and pull her to me that has nothing to do with how beautiful she is. I want to hold her and I've never wanted to fucking hold anyone in my life.... - Maddox
We are playing games but I don't know how to stop them. I also don't know how to let him go and I don't think I want to. I want to give him something. Want him close to me in a way I've never wanted anyone close to me before. If I could, I'd cure that ache inside him. I don't know how to tell him that. Don't know how to show him or even what the hell it all means. - Bee
This book is melt your heart good. I loved everything about it! Bad-ass Maddox finally lets someone in and gains everything he ever wanted! Bee is strong as hell and I love her!
5 Stars!!!!!

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