Thursday, January 9, 2014

Blog Tour: Without Doubt by CJ Azevedo

Ava Sterling is tough and the most straight laced girl you will ever meet. Her family and her past have managed to alter her future permanently and she has no desire to allow anyone else into her life or her heart for fear of rejection or further altering. Ava is alone in the world with the exception of the grandest responsibility she did not create on her own but on her own she will carry for the rest of her life.

Declan James is a MMA fighter, party all night kind of guy. Responsibility is nowhere to be found in his life or so he allows everyone around him to believe. Coming from wealth and a carefree lifestyle, Declan gets what he wants, always. And what he wants is Ava. In his pursuit of getting what he wants, Ava in his bed, his plan changes quickly without his consent. Against his plans of being the next hot bachelor to cross the tabloids as he makes his way to being the Ultimate Light Heavyweight Champion, Declan falls in love. He falls in love without hesitation and without doubt.

Neither Declan nor Ava are aware that fate has inconveniently intertwined their lives forever. Will they be able to survive the aftermath of the truth?

What Jennifer says...

5 stars! 

I feel in love with CJ Azevedo’s writing in Without Boundaries.  She absolutely knows how to write a love story and in the second installment in the series, Without Doubt she does not disappoint.  In the first book, we had a hunky NHL player to go gaga over, now we have a delicious MMA fighter in Declan James to drool over!  What is not to love about a guy who’s a lover and a fighter?!?!  Declan stole my heart and I’m sure he will steal yours as well!  Even thought this is part of a series it can be read as a standalone.  But I highly recommend reading the first, just because its so good! 

We start with Eva working her way through school and making ends meet.  Even though she is young, she feels like she has lived a life time of responsibilities.  She doesn’t have time to socialize and have that typical girl time. She works at a bar in the evenings and goes to school during the day.  That is her life. 

Then we have Declan.  He is the typical young 20 something male enjoying life.  He is an up and coming MMA fighter.  He has a reputation of a ladies man. But when he crosses paths with Eva, everything changes.  We see a side of Declan that he has never shown to anyone else.  I loved it!

This is a terrific story with twist and turns I never saw coming.  Can Eva and Declan work together when their lives are so different?  Eva is used to having her privacy and when Declan a rising star will be able to handle the pressure that goes with it??  You need to read to find out! 

CJ has lived all over the state of California, Central, South, North and finally landing 
back somewhere in the middle. She married the boy she fell for when she was only 
eleven years old and together they have two beautiful heathens. CJ obviously loves 
to read and write. She can watch the Giant’s play baseball but hates football. She 
bakes when she’s sad, runs when she’s mad and dances when she’s happy (even if 
she cant find a rhythm to save her life) If you’re looking for her and can’t seem to 
find her, look on the staircase, it’s her favorite spot to read.

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