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Blog Tour: My Beautiful by J.M. LaRocca

It has been eight months since Scarlett Moore last saw Kade Evans. After being left hurt and confused she tried to forget about him, but he wasn’t easy to forget. She found herself thinking about him often. Even her best friend Jules did her best to get him off her mind by pushing her toward Bryce, the one person Scarlett was not sure she wanted to be involved with. When a new job opportunity is offered to her and Jules, they jump on it. The idea of starting over again and forgetting the past is enticing to Scarlett even if it moves her to Los Angeles, the same place Kade lives.

Kade Evans’ life revolved around his band, alcohol, drugs, and women…until he met Scarlett. She is the light to his darkness, his beautiful; the one that makes him see what the future might hold. That is, until his past came barreling back into his life, ruining everything. Hurting her was the last thing he wanted to do, but he did what he had to do to protect her. His plan is to find a way out of his new life before he tries to win her heart back. But life has a plan of its own and unexpectedly, Scarlett walks back into his life.

When they meet again, the fire she thought burned out is reignited and the plans he made are rearranged.

Just when things start to fall into place, they all seem to fall apart and the one person they think they can trust turns out to be the one to hurt them the most.

Melanie says...

There was just something about her; her smile, the way she laughed, walked, danced. I wanted to be near her. I had plenty of women pawing for my attention, but I was getting tired of the same ‘ole shit. I wanted something real. She was my real. - Kade
Kade had Scarlett right where he wanted her. In his heart and in his bed but he had to break her heart to keep her safe. Safe from a life that he was born into and thought that was in the distant past. A life that could get both of them killed. My Beautiful starts off eight months after Lifeless ended.
Kade also had to walk away from his life in the limelight of fame and his band and Scarlett. There was no way he would be able to do both and keep everyone alive. Kade's Uncle Frank is a mob boss. A mob boss that will not take no for an answer when he said that Kade had to come work for him.
When Jules and Scarlett are offered a chance to lead the opening of a new branch of the company that they work in LA, they jump at the new beginning. But that means that she will be closer to Kade.  On Scarlet's birthday, her and Jules head over to Club X, the nightclub Jules' boyfriend owns and that is where they see each other again.
I thought it was funny how, in life, you could go from lust to love, from hurt to pissed, and thenacceptance. I accepted what happened. I was still pissed off about it. It hurt to look at him because it brought up the memories, which then reminded me why I loved him to begin with. And then to be near him…that brought back the craving of lust. The nights of passion we shared. The chemistry that just didn’t seem to go away when we were around each other. It was a confliction of emotions.... - Scarlett
Kade is desperately trying to find a way out from under Franks control. But after seeing Scarlett at the club, he could not stay away from her. When Bryce, Scarlett's step brother offers Kade a way out he jumps at the opportunity and Scarlett's waiting arms.
“I told myself I was doing the right thing letting you walk out that night. I didn’t want you anywhere near this shit storm that is my life now. You saw it with your own eyes, Scarlett. I told myself that as soon I got out, I’d try to get you back. I shouldn’t want you with everything going on, but it’s not all about wanting you, Scarlett. I need you. I’ve never needed anything more. I’ve thought about you every day since I left, and now that you’re here…I can’t let you go.” - Kade
Ok, SWOON!! This book is a rollercoaster ride with triple loops! It has so many twists and turns and I couldn't put it down until I was done at 3:30am! I just kept saying 'OK just one more chapter, one more chapter!'  I was so surprised by the storyline and the sex is oh so hot!
She was my drug. I was addicted and a little hit wouldn’t be enough. I wanted all of her. I wanted to be all for her. Everything she needed. - Kade
5 Stars!!!!!

Jamie says...

I have to say this series blew me away!  My Beautiful is the second book in the lifeless series.  This is a series you need to read in order and let me tell you the first book ends with a cliffhanger! By now some know how much I hate cliff hangers :)! Thank GOODNESS I had the second one and could jump right in.  You will devour this story. I read both of these books in 2 days!!! That says alot because I have a full time job and 2 young kiddos so needless to say I neglected them for a while!!  I couldn't put them down!  The first book was Lifeless and you meet Scarlett and Kade and go through there journey.
You have Scarlett a girl who was raised by a mother who was an alcholic and drug abuser. Her father left her when she was just a child and she hated him for it because he left there family for another woman.  All she has in this world is her best friend Jules and her job.  In the first book you see how Scarlett thought she was in love with Trey who she dated for about 5 month's.  She was all wrong about him, he was married and having a baby and she found out by a text message that she saw on his phone when they were on vacation together.   She was devistated and it took about 4 month's for her friend to finally get her out of the house again and thats when she met Kade, she didn't know who he was at the time but she soon found out that he was a big rock star and one dance with her and she was lost in him and he walked away and she thought she would never see him again.  Little did she know that Kade knew exactly who she was and would see her again very soon.
Kade, OH KADE! He is the total epitomy of sex on a stick!  He is a rock star with a alcohol and drug problem he is a liability in this new movie he is filming and needs insurance and every where he goes turns him down, but he finds a company that will insure him.  While researching they have pics of the agents on there website and he is instantly drawn to Scarlett.  He can't believe when he goes to the club the night before the big meeting he see's her there and he can't keep his eyes off her and has to dance with her. 
In the first book Lifeless you see Kade and Scarlett learn about eachother and fight the want that is pulling them together.  Kade has a very shady past that will break him and Scarlett apart -and his name really isn't Kade either, the first book has some steamy hot scenes and it ends with a huge cliffhanger of Kade walking away from his present life to deal with his shady past to save Scarlett.
This book my beautiful, wow it throws you some major twists and turns.  Scarlett is heartbroken and scared for her life because of Kade.  She also learns more about her fathers life and why he left her and she has a new step brother Bryce to deal with now too, he was in the first book for a short period of time but is one of the main characters in the second book.  I don't want to give any spoilers but hell Kades past really creeps up and destroys everything they have but does everything work out in the end?  Who is Kade involved with that he has to put his career on hold? Will his band members stick around and wait for him to deal with this part of his life?  Will Scarlett ever forgive him for walking away?  You really need to read both of these books there is so much I could keep typing about because it truely is a great story!  But Im going to end with saying this isn't your typical love story but it is worth it in the end to see what happens believe me!  5 big stars from me!

I've had a passion for reading and writing for as long as I can remember. It has always been an escape for one reason or another. Now, I'm taking that passion and turning it into a book. My debut book Lifeless will be released late summer 2013. I can't wait for you to read this story that has been brewing in my head for over a year. :)

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