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Blog Tour: All The Pretty Poses by M. Leighton

He never wanted to be a hero…until she needed him to be.

It took Kennedy Moore years to put her life back together after Reese Spencer shattered it.  But she did.  Now, years later, strong and independent, she is in pursuit of a single dream—to dance with the Altman American Dance Theater.  Unfortunately, Kennedy is learning that a girl from nowhere with no money and no contacts might never be able to reach her goal.  

That is, until Reese reappears, offering a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity that Kennedy just can’t refuse.  In exchange for working on his yacht for a few short weeks, he’ll get her an audition with the famous dance troupe.  All Kennedy has to do is keep her head down, work hard and resist Reese.  That sounds easy enough, right?

Reese doesn’t want to make it easy for Kennedy.  Seeing her again has started a fire in his blood—an unwelcome one.  It took him years to forget about her before, so this time he has a plan.  It’s simple:  Get Kennedy on his yacht, seduce her, get her out of his system, move on with his life.  That sounds easy enough, right? 

But the one thing Reese didn’t plan for was Kennedy herself—a girl so strong yet so broken, she makes him want to rescue her, to take care of her.  To save her.  Even if he has to save her from himself.

Lyndsie says...

First off I LOVE THIS SERIES! You need to read All The Pretty Lies, book one, before you start All The Pretty Poses.

ATPP is Reese Spencer’s book. Reese is Hemi's older brother and had me very intrigued in ATPL. I was beyond excited to hear we were getting his book next. ATPP is written in duel point of views, which is a HUGE plus for me.

We start out with Reese taking Hemi, Sloan and Sig to one of his high-end dance clubs. He has a lot of pride in his clubs and loves when he can make the time to visit them. He seems to "know" all the girls that work for him, except one it seems, as she takes the stage.  Her body, her moves, her everything has him instantly in a trance. The trance is broken when Hemi informs him they need to leave, Sloan isn’t feeling well.  While their leaving he catches the eye of the dancer on stage and realizes he knows could he forget her, even after fourteen years he would recognize her anywhere.

Kennedy Moore can't believe she is looking at Reese, and by the way he is looking at her she knows he recognizes her completely. He looks just as handsome as always just more grown up now. She is very turned on but doesn't want these feelings. She can't have these feelings, she’s over him, over what they had, what they lost, everything...or so she thought.  Seeing him now is bringing up everything she put behind her.

Reese and Kennedy have known each other for a very long time; fourteen years have gone by without a word spoken. Reese has a Mom who hates him and he was trying not to turn into his jackass Father. Kennedy is an adopted child who lived on Reese's Uncle’s property where her adopted parents worked. Everything was fine in her life until her Mother died and it all went downhill, fast...that is until she met Reese. The two became friends and eventually lovers until Reese's Dad sent him to Oxford for college. Reese basically becomes his father; he has power, money and is a MAJOR man whore. I wanted to strangle him during this book several times. Now Kennedy, oh my heart hurt for her! We knew she had secrets during the story and when they finally came out I except it and hurt for her even more. Michelle Leighton had me guessing all the way to the end of the book. Once you hit 80% you will be so wrapped up in the story that you will want it to never end. Reese and Kennedy are AWESOME! Your head will spin, your heart will be shredded, and you will have the biggest cheesiest smile while you read!

Another thing I loved is we get more of Hemi and Sloan, just a little bit, but hey I’ll take it. I LOOVVEEEE Hemi, ahhh just saying his name makes me smile. Sig, Sloan’s brother, is freaking hilarious, I really hope we get his book soon! I have a feeling he will surprise us all.  We also get to meet Brian, who is the trainer aboard the yacht. I immediately liked him and loved how he helped Kennedy when she needed it.

What Michelle Leighton book would it be without steamy scenes?  While Kennedy dances it made me think of some Brittany Spears performances I've seen, very seductive. Reese is the king of dirty talk... good Lord can he talk dirty! He can also rub me down with sunscreen ANYTIME he wants *fans face*. Oh and I told my husband we needed a sauna after ATPL...I just added a piano to his "Honey We Need List". ;)

Jennifer Says...

M. Leighton is one of my favorite authors so when she announced All the Pretty Poses, I knew I had to get my hands on it and it did not disappoint!  Even though this is part of a series, I can easily be read as standalone.  But why would you want to miss Reese’s brother Hemi’s story in All the Pretty Lies?? Go get it!  Both books drew me in and I never wanted it to stop.  I almost feel like a voyeur in this book and the level of hotness that it brings! 

Reese is the alpha male we all love.  He’s successful, charming, and looks to kill. He thinks he has it all but when Kennedy makes reappearance in his life, he quickly realizes he’s been missing the one thing the other girls could not give him. They were not Kennedy.  Their relationship starts when a summer of love when they are teenagers.  They fall in love and when its time for Reese to head to college, he promises to come back for Kennedy.  Unfortunately life goes on and he never returns.   Kennedy was forced to move and started following her dream of becoming a dancer. She has to pay the bills so she takes a job in a gentlemen’s club doing dances that give her the freedom to dance, without baring it all. Little did she know that Reece was the club’s owner… Even though fourteen years have passed, they passion and love still hold strong.

Seeing Kennedy all these years later has rocked Reese like no other.  He knows he needs to make this right and get her to fall for him again and he is willing to pull out all the stops to make it happen.  He propositions her to spend the summer on his boat as part of the entertainment in exchange he will get her a audition with one of the top dance companies.   Knowing this is once in a lifetime shot to get an audition, she agrees. She knows that it will take all of her strength to resist Reese, she tells herself she is not that naive girl that he left fourteen years ago. 

This is when the hotness level gets turned up a notch.. or two!  When Reese wants something, there is no stopping him and having Kennedy back in his life he knows that he will stop at nothing until she is his again.   The sexual tension between them is amazing.  I loved it!  There is a part where Kennedy does the “Flashdance” scene!!!  It’s hot, it’s sexy, it wants me to cut off the necks of my sweatshirts and channel my inner dancer!! Then that mouth of Reese’s…. oh lawdy!!!  That man knows how to talk dirty!

“I’ll give you anything you want. As often as you want.  Ugly, rough, the dirtiest things you can think of.  I’d do it all for you, baby.  I’d come all over you and then lick it off.  On that sexy mouth, on those delectable nipples. In that beautiful ass.  So far up inside you, it wouldn’t come out for days.”

But just when Reese has the filty dirty mouth, he is also so sweet and endearing. 

“The only forever I want is with you.  Nothing in my life means more to me than you.  No money, no power, no possessions.  I don’t need any of that. I only need you. I. Only. Need. You” 

Sigh… how can you say no to that??  But when things look like things will work out for Reese and Kennedy and they will get their HEA, secrets are exposed.  Kennedy is taken back to the time when she could not trust Reese and it leaves her devastated.  Can they work through this or will it bring them down forever?  Can fourteen years of heartbreak be healed? Does true love conquer all??  You need to read to find out!  

About M. Leighton:

M. Leighton is the New York Times and USA Today bestselling author of The Wild Ones and The Bad Boys romance trilogies.  She is a native of Ohio, relocated to the warmer climates of the South, where she lets her mind wander to romantic settings with sexy Southern guys much like the one she married and the ones you'll find in her latest books.  When her thoughts aren't roaming in that direction, she'll be riding horses, swimming in ponds and experiencing life on a ranch, all without leaving the cozy comfort of her office.  

For more about M. Leighton, visit her website at or follow her on Twitter@mleightonbooks.

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