Wednesday, January 15, 2014

Cover Reveal: Prisoner by Claire Contreras

WOW OH WOW!! Today cover reveals have taken over!!
Claire Contreras just released the cover for Prisoner!!

 This is a spin off from There Is No Light In Darkness and Darkness Before Light! 

 This is Dean's Story!!!  


You met met me once think you have me figured out. You think you know me and my secrets. You think you have theright to invade my every thought. You don't. Not usually, anyway.

But maybe...

Maybe if I let you get inside my head for a little while...maybe then you'll stop calling. Maybe then you'll stop wanting me so bad.

So here's the deal, chick, I'm letting you take me hostage for a little while. I'm letting you in...just this once. Just for a moment, I'll be your prisoner.

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