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All Antonio did was hurt her.
All he did was give her hell.
He took away everything good in her world.
Everything that ever mattered.
Jenny is used to putting on a brave facade, letting the outside world see her as wild and free. She is loyal and loves with her whole heart, loving others so much that she is willing to sacrifice herself in the process.

Jules was only supposed to be a diversion for Jenny. Fun times with no strings attached. She didn't intend to fall for Jules, a member of The Devil’s Crusader’s Motorcycle Club. But fall for him is exactly what she did.

Antonio has been wreaking havoc on her life since Jenny was sixteen years old. Now she is forced to marry Antonio to keep her loved ones safe, destroying the man she loves in the process and driving him away.

Riding back into town after years away, Jules discovers the woman he once loved no longer exists, and it’s up to him to see if he can bring her back.

NOTE TO READER: This book contains strong sexual scenes and violence against women. Jenny curses so if you can't stand the "f" bomb then avoid this one. This is book 3, however, each book in the series can be read as a stand alone.

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Shelly’s 5 Star Review:

Jenny never lets any man get close.  If she does Antonio reminds her that she belongs to him and he will come for her one day.  After a break up she decides to have fun and stops at a bar.  There she meets Maura and is introduced to The Devil’s Crusader’s Motorcycle Club.  Jules is suppose to be a diversion for her but her heart thinks otherwise.  When Jules admits his love Antonio swoops in and changes Jenny's life.  

"Life is ugly and hard.  I tried to do my best to dance through it, but what I should've learned is that if the rhythm is off and you can't catch a beat, you just look like a fool.  I was a fool to believe it would all work out.  I was a fool to believe in love."

Jenny is a strong, funny lady but she is always looking over her shoulder waiting for Antonio.  She does what she needs to to save her family and the ones she loves.  This includes breaking thing off with Jules.  It breaks her heart and his.  As she is trapped in a relationship with Antonio she looses herself and alienates herself from her family and friends.  Jules is hard core but you will also see his softer side.  Years later Jules see her and knows that something is not right.  Can he save her before it is too late?  Can they find their love again?

I love the rawness that the story told.  Ms. McCarthy always does a great job of writing a story that is not only about love but suspense, angst, and survival.  You will fall in love with the characters.  This can be read as a stand alone but I have read the other books in this series and love them also.  I highly suggest that you read about the alpha males of The Devil's Crusader's MC Club and their women

Abby Excerpt

I looked away from the paper and met Jules’ eyes. He was searching mine trying to read my thoughts. He looked worried like he was nervous about what I would think. Jules moved a piece of hair behind my ear and then said, “I know. It doesn't do you justice.”

“Are you kidding me? I was thinking that I don't live up to the woman in the picture. Is that how you see me, Jules?”

In a flash, he closed the sketchpad and tossed it on the chair. He moved on top of me, holding himself up like he was going to do a pushup, his hands on each side of my head, “If you could only see how I see you.”

I gulped at his words. There is so much more to Jules than meets the eye. With him on top of me, staring down at me, whispering words to me that made me feel vulnerable and beautiful, I felt guilty. This happiness wasn't mine to have. I took advantage of the night, and now the sun was starting to rise. A ray of light peeked through a high glass block window telling me my time was up.

“Jules,” I began, then drew in a breath and continued, “Tonight has been amazing but…”

“Don’t you dare lay beneath me in my t-shirt and nothing else and try to give me some it’s not you, it’s me crap. You feel this right here.” He moved to his knees so that he was straddling my thighs then reached up between my legs and pressed his thumb right into my pussy, “That’s me inside of you. You feel all that wetness? That’s my cum and you coating my finger. You like me there, don't you?” His thumb moved over my clit and two fingers filled me up. I gasped. This was not going how I envisioned. I needed to get away and tell him this was a one-time thing. “You need me here, don’t you?”

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Abby McCarthy
Abby McCarthy is reader and a lover of words. She is a blogger turned author and released her first novel in May 2014. She is a mother of three, a wife and a dog person. She has always written, sometimes poetry, sometimes just to vent about failed relationships, however in parenthood she has found her voice to help keep her sanity. Words have flowed from her, to review and with the support of amazing friends in the Indie community she has decided to pursue her dream of writing! She loves to write and read romance, because isn't that something we all yearn for? Whether it be flowers and hand holding or just the right tug on your hair. Isn't that what life is about? The human connection?

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