Tuesday, March 31, 2015



I have really enjoyed the 69 Bottles series by Zoey Derrick. Redeeming Kyle is the final book in the series. This book picks up right where Craving Talon left off. I loved the emotional rollercoaster this series took me on and I am sad that it is over. This book is not a standalone and must be read after Claiming Addison and Craving Talon. The sex scenes in this entire series are FREAKING HOT!!!

Addison, Talon, and Kyle are so deeply in love with each other but the quick pace of their ever changing relationship becomes to much for Kyle and he decides he needs a break from it all. Addison is devastated when Kyle leaves and isn't sure if she wants to continue the tour with the band. Talon is able to convince her that Kyle does love them both and he will come back when he is ready. I fell deeper in love with Talon in this book as he had to really step up to the plate and help Addison through the thought of Kyle never coming back. Addison doesn't take proper care of herself after Kyle leaves and ends in the hospital. Talon blames himself for what happened to Addison and he is pissed at Kyle for leaving them as he has always been the caretaker in the relationship.  Kyle is struggling with his past issues and feels that he isn't enough for Talon and Addison. Will Kyle be able to let go of his past issues and find peace and love with Talon and Addison? Will Talon and Addison's love be enough to get Kyle to come back to them and stay forever?

I loved the intense loving connection between Addison, Talon and Kyle. They were always so supportive of each other and would do anything for one another. These three have been through so much in their relationship but their love for one another continues to grow stronger.  I was so happy with the way their story ended and I hope to read books about the remaining band members soon!



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