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Always You

To Samantha Christensen, Lucas Hunter was always the guy—the sexy, smart and unattainable man she pined for throughout college. To Lucas, she was a treasured friend, a younger sister he felt the need to protect. She had a choice—to wait and hope, or to settle.

When they meet again years later, Lucas looks at Samantha and sees a woman he wants—even though she’s not free to take. As they renew their friendship he finds he’s falling hard, and can’t accept any less than all of her.

Samantha realizes there’s hope with Lucas. Will she finally have a chance to be happy with the man she’s always loved, or will obligations and insecurities stand in their way?

Can Samantha and Lucas convince each other that they belong together? That it was Always You?


Always You is the best second chance at love book I've read in a very long time.  From page one I was captivated with the writing, the characters, and the story.  I was completely taken with Samantha.  She was in love with her good friend, Lucas, who was leaving to go work in California.  She had worked up the nerve a couple of times to tell him how she felt but always chickened out before she was able to tell him.  She knew Lucas looked at her as just a friend and a sister type.  But she couldn't quit thinking of and wanting him.

Lucas moved away and Samantha married Marc whom she knew from school.  Settling is never a good thing and that's exactly what Samantha did; she settled for Marc and his womanizing ways.  He ignored her, left her and their daughter at home while he went drinking and sleeping around, and couldn't hold down a job for anything
Lucas moved back to town and wanted to reconnect with his old friends.  When he facebooked Samantha and asked her out to drinks he never expected to have all those feelings from years ago to resurface.  Samantha was just as beautiful, sexy, and feisty as her remembered.  For months they text, met for lunch, and sometimes met for drinks at night.  Those feelings kept getting stronger and stronger and Lucas didn't know if it was just one sided or  if Samantha actually had feelings for him, too.  

Yes, this is a story of second chance love.  Granted, the beginning of their relationship was a little unconventional but it didn't stop me from rooting for them and wanting things to work out in their favor.  Samantha needed to be loved and cherished and Lucas was just the guy to do that.  Samantha's daughter deserved to see her mother treated right by a man, Lucas was the one to do that.  But will Marc give up his marriage? Nevermind, he did all the sleeping around but he didn't want to be humiliated or lose his marriage. Would he stay in a loveless marriage just to save face?  Would he walk away peacefully or would he make trouble for everyone involved?  
This is a great contemporary second chance romance.  Lucas didn't have to redeem himself or reform his ways.  There wasn't a lot of back and forth; they both knew what they wanted and they fought for it.  A loveless marriage isn't something we dream of as little girls but, unfortunately, sometimes it happens. Settling also isn't something we dream of but life gets in the way and we, eventually, have to settle. Samantha settled but found her voice and fought for her happily ever after.........will she get it? Does true love always win out? Can you really get that second chance and make it count?   
I fell completely in love with Always You and Stephanie Rose. She is a very talented author whom I will be reading for years to come.  I can't wait for you to read and fall in love just as hard as I did. Thank you, Stephanie, for sending me an ARC and sharing your talent with all of us lucky readers.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                    


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I let out a long sigh and glanced up at the ceiling as I tried to find the right words to say. Yes, he was going to make this as difficult as possible to walk out the door.
“Lucas, it’s not that simple—”
“I know I’m not supposed to think about you all day long. I know I’m not supposed to want to talk to you every minute of the day, or touch you, or kiss you. But, fuck—” Lucas closed the space between us and grabbed me by the nape of my neck, pulling me towards him. “That’s all I ever want to do, Sam.” Our faces were close enough that our lips were almost touching.
From the hungry look in his eyes, I thought he was going to kiss me hard, but he was gentle. A light kiss at first, gentle pecks on my lips, very soft but lingering longer each time his lips touched mine. His hand slid from my neck to the small of my back as he pulled me closer. My heartbeat thundered in my ears as I realized I was about to completely give in. As soon as it seemed the kiss was about to get deeper, he pulled back. His eyes were shut tight as if he was fighting with himself to pull away. He rested his forehead against mine.

“Tell me to stop. Tell me to stop kissing you and I will.”

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Stephanie Rose was born and raised in the Bronx, New York and still lives there with her superhero-obsessed husband and son.
Stephanie has a Bachelor’s degree in Business and a day job in marketing, but she always has a story in her head.
This lifelong New Yorker lives for Starbucks, book boyfriends, and 80s rock.
Spending most of her youth watching soaps, Stephanie has an obsession with angsty drama and is an avid romance reader.
She's excited to finally bring the characters she's been dreaming about to life and loves hearing from readers!

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Always You by Stephanie Rose

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