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Join us in celebrating  GUIDING GRAYSON by Josie Lohr!

 Adult Contemporary Romance
Scheduled to release: April 5, 2015


Grayson Sutton loves teaching...and she’s good at it. She's one of those teachers who throws every ounce of heart and passion into working with kids—and her students love her for it.

When Grayson hears about a position at a new charter school opening in Chicago, she knows she has to apply for her dream job—even though it’s over one thousand miles away from the small Georgia town she calls home with her longtime boyfriend Reid. After all, Reid has plans for Grayson’s future...and they don’t include teaching, especially not in Chicago.

When her offer letter arrives on a day with special significance for the couple, Grayson decides to compromise and move to Chicago with the understanding that it’s only temporary. But once there, she meets Emmett, the handsome owner of the school, and the chemistry between them complicates everything.

As Grayson makes a new life for herself in Chicago, she finds herself in the middle of a tug of war between her heart and home. Reid isn’t going to let go of Grayson without a fight…but neither will Emmett.


Grayson Sutton thought she had it all. Following her heart and becoming a teacher to help mold young lives, Grayson had the career she has always dreamed of.  She had the fairytale romance with the town prince and was the envy of every woman for miles around. Reid Fielding was and had always been every girl’s fantasy come to life, the country club golden boy, lean, chiseled and tan and the only child of the wealthiest most prominent family in town but for the last seven years it has been Grayson that has held his heart.  One thing is for sure Reid does everything to excess so it’s no surprise when he throws a huge party for Grayson’s birthday and then in front of all the who’s who that are present he takes center stage and drops down to propose, a stunned Gray accepts his proposal after a beat and you think they are going to have the perfect life to go with their already formed fairytale romance……but there is a secret waiting to be revealed.
Wanting to put her passion to use Grayson applies for a position at a new charter school that is brand new and just opened and reaches out to under privileged children, thinking that it is a long shot to even be accepted for such a prestigious position Gray never even mentions to Reid about the application. Then she get a letter stating she has been given this amazing opportunity to follow her dreams and help these children the only problem is it is in Chicago and she will have to relocate for 5 months and she has no idea how Reid is going to handle the news.
After a lot of bargaining and compromise Grayson sets off on her half year adventure in a new northern city that is polar opposite from her southern hometown. Brand new in town and never having been away from home she adapts almost instantly and it isn’t long before she is making friends but at the same time she still has pangs of homesickness and misses Reid. 
“Baby, I love you more than anything in this world. If I lost you, I’d be done for. You’ve ruined me for anyone else”

One person that Grayson literally constantly “runs” into is Emmett, like Gray he shares a passion for helping the small children who need help the most. Due to this shared love for the school they eventually form an awkward love hate type friendship that more often than not frustrates the living hell out of both of them. They each have a mutual respect for the other in a professional capacity and admire the drive and determination put forth into their work but beyond that the lines start to get blurry and neither can decide how they feel outside of the school. The only problem is they are both insanely physically attracted to the other but not wanting to ruin the working dynamic they have or Grayson’s relationship so they fight the attraction daily.
Grayson deals with many ups and downs and she has multiple eye opening moments throughout this book. Will she and Reid be able to stand the test of temporary separation and the strains of a long distance relationship? Can she just be Emmett’s colleague during the day and strictly platonic friends after school ends? Follow the twists and turns and bumpy ride to self-discovery and watch as Grayson is guided to the life and happiness that she has always dreamed of. I highly recommend this book it is told in single person point of view from Grayson and is a stand-alone with a HEA. If you are looking for a quick read with steam, angst, romance and awesome friendships between the secondary characters then look no farther you will not be disappointed with Guiding Grayson.



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