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From the New York Times and USA TODAY bestselling author of Where Sea Meets Sky comes a new adult novel about a young woman who becomes a nanny in Capri and falls for her charges’ bad-boy brother.

When I’m traveling, I feel like the secret to my life, to myself, to really becoming, is one step ahead. It’s in the next destination, the next town I get lost in, the next stranger I talk to. It’s always next but never here . . . 


After six months of backpacking and soul-searching across the world, Amber MacLean is flat broke. There are worse places for a twentysomething to be stuck than the Amalfi Coast, but the only way she can earn enough money for a plane ticket home to California is to teach English to two of the brattiest children she has ever met.


It doesn’t help that the children are under the care of their brooding older brother, ex-motorcycle racer Desiderio Larosa. Darkly handsome and oh-so-mysterious, the young master of the crumbling villa tests Amber’s patience and will at every turn—not to mention her hormones.


When her position turns into a full-time nanny gig, Amber grows dangerously closer to the enigmatic recluse. But can she give up the certainty of home for someone whose closely guarded heart feels a world apart from her own?

RACING THE SUN by Karina Halle

Atria Books | July 28, 2015 | Paperback ISBN 9781476796444, $15 | eBook ISBN 9781476796482, $7.99 | 384 pages

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I absolutely loved Racing the Sun by Karina Halle. In this story Karina takes the reader on a beautiful journey through Italand makes you feel like you are really there experiencing the journey with the characters.

Amber Maclean is a 24 yeaold American girl who has been traveling the world for the last few months. She is running out of money anneeds to figure out hoshe is going to afford a plane tickehome. Shstarts looking for a job and ends up answering an ad for a teaching position. She has to travel to the island of Capri fothe job interview and when she arrives she is completely mesmorized by DerioShe is unsure if she wants to accept the position because the children are unruly anDerio seems very cold and distant. She knowthat this may be her only chance to make money to afford a plane ticket home so she accepts the job. Shortly after she starts her new teaching job the full time nanny and housekeeper quits and Amber ends up getting more than she bargained for. Will she continue to work for Derio or will she take off once shcan afford a plane ticket home?

“I should have known from the start that this man was going to give me a reason to stay.”

Derio is a 29 year old man who went from having two loving parents to becoming a parent to his two younger siblings when his parents died unexpectedly. He is very depressed but refuses to get help for his issues. He mostly keeps to himself and makes his nanny take care of his brother and sister. He wants them to learn better English so her hires Amber to help themHe ivery rude to Amber when he first meets her but only because she makes him feel things that he hasn't felin quite a long time. As they spend more time together theboth admitheir feelings toward one another. Will Amber be able to break down Derio's walls anget him to believe in love again?

"You know, sometimes I feel so trapped. So lost and alone. And then I look at you and feel found.”

I loved the deep connection between Derio and Amber. The secondary characters added lots of depth to the storyline. This book is about learning to face your fears and learning how to live again after tragedy strikes. This book had me sucked in from the very first page anwill definately be adding Italy to my bucket list!! I can't wait to see where Karina will have us traveling to next!!

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Karina Halle is the New York Times bestselling author of Where Sea Meets Sky, The Pact, Love in English, and other wild and romantic reads. A former travel writer and music journalist, she lives on an island off the coast of British Columbia with her husband and her rescue pup, where she drinks a lot of wine, hikes a lot of trails, and devours a lot of books.
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Instagram: @AuthorHalle

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