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Spotlight: Emi Lost & Found Series by Lori L. Otto


This is a special, one-volume collection of the Emi Lost & Found series books: Lost and Found, Time Stands Still and Never Look Back. 

This collection also contains two bonus short stories, based on the series.

LOST AND FOUND (book one) - When artist Nate Wilson falls in love, he falls hard. The problem is, he’s only been in love once, and the girl of his affections is his best friend, Emi Hennigan. In high school, the two bonded over painful breakups, and swore off a relationship to save their friendship. Thirteen years later, Nate has had more than his share of emotionally-unfulfilling, sexual relationships with beautiful women to distract himself from his true romantic feelings. 

When a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity takes Nate away from his friend and his comfortable lifestyle, he is forced to reflect on the distinct void that Emi’s absence leaves in his life. To Nate’s surprise, Emi has a similar experience; but as the friends embark upon their journey toward happiness together, destiny reveals other plans for Emi.

TIME STANDS STILL (book two) - Depression threatens all the relationships in Emi Hennigan’s life after a near death experience leaves her injured and feeling alone in a world she barely recognizes. On a night that is supposed to signify a new beginning in her life, she loses everything she loves.

It’s on that very same night, though, that Emi has a chance meeting with a man from her past who has the power to bring her more happiness than she’s ever known. Jack Holland is on a mission to rescue Emi from the pain that’s been consuming her, but his patience is tested as Emi holds on to the memory of the only man she’s ever truly loved.

Julie's Review of the Emi Lost & Found Series:

This is 3 part book in a series.  It can be read individually at separate times, or at one time as the entire series.  I read the entire series consecutively.  I really enjoyed reading them because in each book, the story is told by a different point of view.

The first, Emi, Lost and Found, is told by Nate, after many years, from the prequel.  Nate and Emi are the closest of friends.  They are now out of college and enjoying their lives.  They struggle with their feelings for each other, feeling them deepen as their friendship stays strong.  You can feel the struggles each of them have for one another, but yet either refusing to speak up first.  This is a great story telling of their unique friendship and how they are supporting each other through their separate relationships with others.  Finally, their attraction becomes stronger and they can’t deny their feelings any longer.

The second, Time Stands Still, is told by Emi.  She has struggled with loss and heartache.  I find myself feeling her struggles and wanting to help guide her through.  She has withstood a lot in life and continues to deal with the circumstances she is dealt with.  She is strong, but yet weak, and her will to survive is amazing.  She has felt the loss of not only the past, but, also her future.  Her brother, Chris, and her sister, Jen, are the constantsupport, that helps her heal.  She starts to realize her feelings she thought she had are different from what she now has.  As she is coping, she finds herself leaning more and more on friends and family.  Chris’ friend, Jack, becomes the life raft that she needs to survive.

The final, Never Look Back, is told by Jack, Chris’ friend.  He knew the moment he saw Emi, and since their first kiss in college, that she was his one true soulmate.  He saw her through her friendship with Nate, relationships of past lovers, and her heartache.  He gave her the support she needed to become whole again, and their feelings deepened.  I cried their tears, and laughed their laughter.  It was overwhelming to see the bond they shared.  Jack knew that Emi was “the one” and would do anything he could do to have her, even though he would have to sacrifice himself in the process.  Their story is one of hope and strength.  

As Emi says, Jack “grounds her” and “balances her”.  She says, “You are my constant.  You’re my stability.  You’re my life and my future.  You have loved me like no one else-no one- ever has.”

This is amazing story and thoroughly deals with a lot of life’s daily issues.  I found myself laughing, and I found myself crying.  It  makes you angry, and frustrated, and also gives you hope, and lots of laughter.    It was hard for me to put down because I wanted more.   I think this a great read and I would highly recommend it for anyone wanting a truly touching story.

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Author Bio:

After an exhilarating, collaborative writing project, Lori L. Otto had an idea for an original novel. The characters and their rich stories would keep her awake at night, and even with barely any sleep, she felt more alert and alive than she had in years. Her days off were spent in caf├ęs, sandwich shops and bookstores, feverishly trying to get all of the details out of her head and onto paper.

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