Tuesday, May 28, 2013

Review: This Too Shall Pass by Jettie Woodruff


Alexis McKinley had all that she needed. She had a very successful business, family and friends who adored her and a farmhouse that she had been restoring for several years. She lived alone with her four legged best friend and was happy and content in her life. Who knew that one man could disrupt her safe haven with so much love, and turn her world upside down in such short time. Adult content and some language.

Becky S. says:

Growing up in a large metropolitan area, I crave books that about small towns. This book did not disappoint in that department.   Lexi grew up and lives in a small town.  She is a very successful photographer and is happy living in her old beat up farm home she is fixing up and spending time with her dog.  Lexi has pretty much sworn off love after a teenage love affair gone wrong.

In comes Dr. Corey Baker.  He is the new doctor in the area running with a secret of his own. Corey is a successful doctor that has chosen to move from the big city to this small little town.  Lexi knows he is hiding something since he is always whispering into his phone and has to be home by 7pm, but it does not defer her from letting him in and giving him a chance at her heart.

I liked reading and getting to know these two characters and the others in this book.  While they were not very in depth, you were able to get a feeling of why they did some of the things that they did. I loved the relationship that Lexi had with her family and how easily it was for her to fit new people and situations into her life.  I am not saying that either character is perfect.  Each one had the right amount of imperfection to them that made them likable.

I did like this book.  It was one of those books that made you laugh, but then the next second you were wondering “Where the heck did that come from”. There were times that it was a little slow and I wished that some of chapter endings were not as abrupt as they were, but all in all it was a great light book.  It was not too angsty, but at the same time it was not so sappy that it made you sick to your stomach from the sweetness. One of the best things about this book was that I don’t have to wait for a sequel, it was all resolved by the end of the book!

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My name is Jettie and I live outside of a small town in Ohio. I manage a mattress store by day, and write..shhh... My favorite past time in the whole world is writing. I can get more lost in my own writing than when I read an awesome good book from someone else. I do tend to get a little wordy, and can get a little lost. I find myself having to rush the story without rushing the story when I realize I am over three hundred pages into a book. I had a goal when I started my first romance novel. I wanted to do a series, a dark erotica, which I am working on now, and may be a little out of my comfort zone. I have a young adult romance in my head now that is dying to get out of my brain and onto my laptop. I keep a notebook with me at all times, I am constantly writing in my head, and have to get it out or I will go bonkers, even during the night.

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