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Spotlight: Author Sarah M. Cradit

he House of Crimson and Clover Series:
The series is set to the backdrop of New Orleans, and goes into the lives of the august and mysterious Sullivan and Deschanel families. Each family has their share of past, and each of their histories marred with secrets. The Deschanels are the most powerful family in New Orleans, but they did not come by this wealth by coincidence. The Sullivans, that venerable family of upstanding Irish lawyers, have their own ghosts.

St. Charles at Dusk, the first book in the series, was published in 2011. You can find it on Amazon here:

The second book, The Storm and the Darkness, is coming out in July. Book three, The Illusions of Eventide, is tentatively scheduled for early 2014. Books four and five are written, but publishing dates are TBD.

For anyone unfamiliar with the series, Sarah has a page set up that helps introduce new readers, and the site also offers series extras, media, etc. It also gives a synopsis of all currently scoped books in the series (up to book 5).

The Storm and the Darkness Teaser

Ana Deschanel has always been introspective, finding it difficult to share herself with others. She is an only child, and the person closest to her, her cousin Nicolas, is the only person who understands her decision to leave New Orleans for a while in attempt to understand- and hopefully put behind- the darkness that has been slowly creeping over her thoughts for years. Beyond that, there is a darker reason for her escape…one she has kept even from Nicolas, because she knows he would never forgive her…

She finds herself spending the winter in an old Victorian home belonging to her family on Summer Isle, a quaint island community off the coast of Maine. The village is small and tight-knit, and it becomes clear to her early on that she is an outsider.

Her neighbors, the St. Andrews brothers, have mixed feelings about her arrival. The younger, spirited Finn, a fisherman, greets her with warmth and curiosity, and observing her reading on her porch becomes a welcome part of his daily routine. The older, reclusive Jonathan is less enthusiastic and is even rude to her when she seeks out his help in a moment of desperation.
A month into her stay the first big storm of the season hits. Following a surprising but charming dinner with Finn, Ana finds herself naively braving the storm in order to return some keys to Finn. Along the way she stumbles and falls, and purely by luck the brothers find her. They save her life, but she remains unconscious, and with a growing storm and lack of resources, the brothers know things will get worse before they get better.

As the brothers watch over her, and the storm only worsens, communication is cut off from the island to the outside world. Things only get worse when their food storage is discovered to be spoiled and they slowly begin to realize that there are other sinister forces at work, involving someone they’ve known their whole lives who is harboring a dark secret. At the same time, Nicolas begins to worry when he hasn’t heard from Ana, and he enlists the help of his friend Oz to investigate the situation.

All of these situations begin to escalate as the storm grows, and finally come together in a dramatic conclusion.

The Storm and the Darkness comes out July 1!

Top 5 Favorite Books
  1. War and Peace- Leo Tolstoy
  2. Gone with the Wind- Margaret Mitchell
  3. Dark Tower Series- Stephen King
  4. The Mayfair Series- Anne Rice
  5. Mary, Queen of Scotland and the Isles- Margaret George

Sarah M. Cradit Bio
Sarah M. Cradit is the author of the Southern Fiction series, The House of Crimson and Clover. She’s been writing her entire life, and penned her first novel in junior high. Her younger sister- in a moment straight out of Little Women, where Amy throws Jo’s novel in the fire- destroyed it after a silly fight. Sarah started writing again, just out of high school, where she wrote a 10-book New Adult series (“Provincetown”) with her good friend Brigitte. Both women had discussed editing and publishing the series, which also has a spin-off series with several books.

Although Sarah currently lives in Portland, OR, her career adventures have taken her all over the country, living in six additional states: Washington, Arizona, Michigan, Georgia, Tennessee, and Maine. When she isn’t writing, she enjoys spending time with her husband, reading (obviously), studying history, and traveling the world.

You can find Sarah in the following places:
Twitter: @thewritersarah

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