Sunday, May 5, 2013

Our Sunday Swag Supplier: Luminous Beads

If there's anything I love, it's a good giveaway.  As part of the book world, giveaways have become my life.  I love the excitement of the fans, I love making people happy, and I love being creative.  One of the best ways to do that is to offer fans a little something more.  That's why I am always looking for  new and different swag. 

 Today...Luminous Beads!Simple said...they are gorgeous.  I checked out the store and had to tear myself away after looking at five pages of beautiful bling.  The book die for.  And because I know you love some good story swag, Kimberly of Luminous beads has kindly agreed to donate something super special.  

Our first post ever was the new release of Katie Ashley's Don't Hate the Player...Hate the Game.  It only makes sense that our first Swagtastic Giveaway would feature a Katie Ashley inspired piece.  This one is from the books The Proposition and The Proposal.

Here's everything you need to know about Luminous Beads:

Luminous Beads started in February 2013. My best friend (Carol) is a huge crafter and lives in Ocean City Maryland. We grew up together in Long Island New York. Been friends for over almost 30 years.
She told me about these new beads she found and couldn't find anyone else that was really using them. I asked her to send me a bracelet because I really wanted to see them for myself. I love the colors and the luminosity of them, so I knew she was on to something. We decided to start a business together hence Luminous Beads.
This is my first time making jewelry and I'm obsessed! I love creating new pieces. I have always been creative and have had little ventures since a young girl making macrame plant hangers and my mother would sell them at her Mary Kay meetings back in the day. LOL
I have always been a huge reader, but reading romance was what I would do on vacation. All the books that I read were how-to-books, spiritual books and motivational books.
Then March 2012 a girlfriend of mine told me that I had to read Fifty Shades of Grey. I never read a book like that and it forever changed me. I have been a book whore ever since, looking for the next fix. I've read over 300 books since last year. I always loved to write, and wanted to take a crack at it but fear gets the best of me. People have told me I have a gift but who knows. Just being around these unbelievable authors was so enlightening I just may try.
I heard about this book signing event called "Wicked Girls Weekend" here in Orando. I had no one to go with but decided to go anyway. I had just finished R.k. Lilley's Up in the Air series and was obsessed with Mr. Beautiful. OMG! So I wanted to make a bracelet for Rebecca since she was going to be there.
And so the journey began that I ordered some charms for Rebecca's books and for Fifty Shades of Grey. I made a few bracelets sold them at the event and then gave Katie Ashley and Raine Miller a book charm bracelet. They were so happy and of course I was delighted to meet them.
Katie approached me a few weeks after the event and asked to work with me to create a bracelet for The Proposition & The Proposal.  Rebecca told me that if I send her a bunch of bracelets she will sell at her book signings. I'm more than thrilled. Both of these women are incredible, funny and very down to earth. The author I would like to make swag for would be Raine Miller, her and I have a girl romance and will forever be bonded over something that I'm not sure if I can ever say. But let's just say I gave her an education. LMAO. I know she has her own swag and don't know who she deals with but I'm hoping one day she will ask me. Her swag is beautiful and her packaging is to die for!! Class act lady all the way!

This is the first of our weekly giveaways.  They are only going to get bigger and better.  So, stick around, spread the word, and most importantly...ENTER TO WIN!

Luminous Beads

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