Friday, February 6, 2015

Win an Amazon Gift Card of an ARC of Tempest Torn by Nicole Andrews Moore


**Coming February 2015**

A night of passion. A raging fire. A home destroyed.

The sun returned and Joey and Marti felt they had turned a corner in their relationship. Only when they turned that corner, they ran right into the insurance adjustor, Finn. She wasn't just any woman, though. She was the one woman Joey always believed he’d spend the rest of his life with, but they couldn’t make it work. Soon it was obvious that she didn’t just want to adjust the value of the house, but remind Joey of the value of their relationship, and adjust his attitude about the future.

Suddenly, Joey struggles to choose between two women…one who has never and would never hurt him and one his heart can’t let go of despite the hurt. He’s not the only one with a choice to make. Never again will Marti allow anyone to make her question her own worth. 

A tempest brewed. A man is torn. A woman refuses to wait.


This time, when Joe watched Marti walk away, it wasn’t the same.  Instead of the semi he was used to getting from seeing the sway of her hips, this time, he felt completely bereft.  It was as though where there was once a bridge, he now faced a giant gorge.  He stood alone on the precipice, balancing precariously.  His outcome didn’t look good.  All he could do was stand there and wonder how he could fix it, if he should even try.  Fucking Finn.  Every time.  

Why had he said those things?  Why hadn’t he just admitted he wanted to stay with Marti?  He surely wouldn’t be welcome there now.  He looked up after kicking some loose dirt around with his boot.  Finn stood there, smirking at him.  It was her Cheshire cat grin.  He had always hated it, this proof she knew his secrets, knew his heart.  In this case, the secret was he had betrayed the woman who would never have betrayed him, a woman whose motives were as pure as her love.  Somehow, it made him feel worse than anything had before.

Unfortunately, sometimes when he felt this badly, instead of fixing things, instead of facing the wrong he had done, he had this horrible habit of making everything even worse.  Historically speaking, that was how it always went with Finn.  Suddenly, he could see himself falling down the rabbit hole.  It was already happening.  Now he had to just ride it out.  Working on Marti’s house on Monday morning was going to be awkward.

“I’ll see myself out,” Finn said, smartly.  Without waiting for an invitation, she walked over and grabbed a cupcake from the box.  It was the Triple Chocolate Threat, his favorite.  She knew it.  Facing him, she took a big bite out of it and chewed it meaningfully.  The message was clear.  She could take what she wanted, do what she wanted, and he wouldn’t stop her.

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