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We're celebrating the release of Everything Has Changed by Mia Kayla!

Title: Everything Has Changed
Author: Mia Kayla
Age Group: NA
Genre: Contemporary Romance
Release date: February 16, 2015

Book Description:

Bliss Carrington has known Jimmy most of her life, since Kindergarten to be exact. He took on the role of the big brother Bliss never had, breaking Bliss out of her shy shell, encouraging her to have fun in high school, and pushing her to live her life. It’s always been friendship between them until one day, she realized, it wasn’t. Now seeing women everywhere swoon over Jim Brason, NFL's head quarterback of the New York Cougars, is enough to drive her to madness.

Jim Brason, an alpha whore, is on a fast track to fame and money. In all this craziness, the one person who keeps him sane, keeps him whole is Bliss. He’s been in love with her since before forever, but she doesn’t know and can never find out. He’s a firm believer that history repeats itself. With his tainted past, he’s afraid he’s fated to hurt her if he allows himself to follow his heart.

Bliss watched this boy grow into a man and it wasn’t fair that someone else would get to keep him when in her heart, she knew he only ever belonged to her.

Can their friendship survive? Can she live pining over a guy who will never commit? She doesn’t want to live like this, but she doesn’t know a life without him either.

EVERYTHING HAS CHANGED is a story of Love, Loss, and Longing for the boy you grew up loving.

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 Sweet Romance!!

I loved this Sweet Romance of friends to lovers.  Bliss and Jimmy have been friends ever since they were 6 years old, now as adults, they still continue that friendship.  Falling for your best friend is never easy, especially when there are so many things in the past that neither can let go of.  You know each other inside and out, and wonder if you really want to cross that line.

The story is told from Bliss's POV and has flashbacks between the Past and Present.  I really think Mia did a great job of that transition.  It doesn't distract from the story at all, it only enhances it.  We get a more in depth look at their friendship and the trials that they have helped each other through, without loosing focus on the storyline.

Past - 6 years old
Bliss and Jimmy have been friends since they were 6.  When Bliss's grandfather died, her and her parents moved into his house, where her mother grew up.  Bliss being shy, was scared to start school.  While at the bus stop, she met a boy named Jimmy, who was her mothers childhood friends son.  He thought she was weird because she was shy and didn't talk.  His mother told him that Bliss was new and scared and that he should be nice to her and sit with her on the bus.  Of course, he didn't want to do that, but he did it anyways because he didn't want to get into trouble with his mom.

On the bus, a boy (Evan) on the bus threw a goldfish cracker at her and made fun of her pigtails, Jimmy reached into his Batman backpack and grabbed a ball and threw it at the boy, hitting him on the cheek. And that started a friendship between the two that could never be broken.  Best friends for infinity and beyond.

Present Day
Now that they are all grown up, Bliss and Jimmy have seperate lives.  Bliss is going to Law school and Jimmy is NFL’s quarterback of the New York Cougars.  They are miles apart but that doesn't stop them from still being the best friends that they were growing up.  They visit a lot and Jimmy makes sure he calls Bliss every morning at 8am, without fail. 

Kelly, Bliss's new friend from Law School, is excited that Bliss actually knows Jim Brason.  She wants to know all the details, she can see that look in her eye, the one that says 'you're in love' just to get Bliss to admit it.

--I peered into her ever-knowing eyes and opened my mouth to speak, but no words came out. Instead, I dropped my head in my hands. “Okay,” I groaned. “I’m screwed.” Because I was in love with my best friend.--
Bliss knows that when Jimmy's father left them for another woman, it messed him up.  It left his mother broken, a drunk and a pill popper.  He swore he'd never end up like his father, so he has sworn off relationships. 

--I wanted Jimmy more than I could comprehend, but he would never look at me in a way that was beyond our friendship. He never saw himself in a committed relationship with anyone, so I could never cross that invisible line.--

When she finally breaks and tells him how she feels, he reveals that he too, has always been in love with her. That its always been her, always will be just her.  Then his past catches up with him.  And he feels the best thing for Bliss, is to not be with her.  He loved her to much to ever break her, like his father broke his mother.  Little did he know, that by him leaving, that broke her.

--Jimmy was always my protector—through school, through life, and after my father had passed. But what if the person I needed protecting from was the protector himself?--

Oh yea, and Evan (Yep, the boy that has picked on Bliss endlessly all throughout elementary and high school), he makes a re-appearance.  Even convinces Bliss to go out on a date with him... of course, Jimmy didn't like that too much.  His reaction, priceless.  He even booked a flight and goes straight to her apartment and is waiting for her when she gets home. 

This story does have a HEA, but reading all of it yourself is way more interesting than reading my review. LOL!  I'm pretty sure you'll fall in love with Jimmy too, but you have to read the book. :) 

Here are two of my favorite lines..

--Once inside my place, I set the roses down on my kitchen island and pulled the card out of its tiny envelope. I’m not used to this boyfriend thing, but I hope I’m doing a damn good job—at least for the first day. ;) Happy one-day anniversary, baby! Love you to infinity, Jimmy
(Awe, see how sweet this man is!!)

--I looked into the eyes of the only man I had ever loved and lifted my lips to meet his, making the hurt go away and finally making us both whole.  (Loved this!!)


This book is a stand alone novel from the view of Bliss Carrington.

Bliss and Jimmy met when they were only six years old. From that fateful day Jimmy has been her rock, protector, and best friend. He tries to get the shy girl to experience life instead of letting it pass her by. Through tragedy and pain they help each other move on and continue living their lives. But there is one problem Bliss wants more than Jimmy is willing to give.

Jimmy is convinced that he will never find love and happiness he wont allow himself to be with Bliss and mess up her life like he thinks he is destined to do. He has loved her his whole life but he would rather hurt than see her hurt. But she already wants him so bad it hurts. She sees him on the covers of magazines and on tv with different girls and she doesn't understand what they have that she doesn't. They dont even know Jimmy the way she does.

Can they handle ignoring the what they feel for each other? Should they try to make it work and risk ruining their friendship in the process?

I gave the book 5 stars. I loved the story between Bliss and Jimmy. I felt Bliss's emotions like i was right there with her and even cried towards the end of the book. Mia Kayla definitely has a new fan.

About the author

Mia Kayla is a New Adult/Contemporary Romance writer who lives in Illinois. On the weekdays, she can be caught wearing a suit, commuting to her corporate job in downtown Chicago and raising three beautiful munchkins in the suburbs, four if you count the husband.

In her free time she loves reading romance novels, jamming to boy bands, catching up on celebrity gossip and designing flowers for weddings.

Most of the time, she can be caught on the train with her nose in a book sporting a cheeky grin because the main characters finally get their happily-ever-after at the end.

She loves reading about happy endings but has more fun writing them.

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