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All of my demons are coming to head.
I thought Ari could push them back.
I thought I could conquer my vices with her at my side.
I thought wrong.
Fear is my new constant.
I thought I could conceal it, contain it, control it.
I thought that now that I had Grant the worst was over.
I thought wrong.
But if we’re going to survive, wherever you go…take me with you.


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Shannon's 5 Star Review:

In TMwY we can see more clearly the differences in Aribel and Grant. Aribel is having to deal with the fact that Grant and ContraBand are on their way up. Along with that there are several other things that are working against them.

Grant's father is out of prison and shows up leaving Grant to deal with his past. The band that CB is touring with is the same band in which the lead singer was the douche who told Grant he'd slept with Ari. And bless Ari, she finally decided to introduce Grant to her family. Are they ready for all of this? With their mistrust and avoidance of the big issues, will they ever get to the point of where they can actually sit down and talk as a couple?

Grant really comes through for me in this book. He gives the relationship his all and fights tooth and nail not to slip into dangerous territory.  And Ari, she just bugs the piss out of me. Where did our strong will, no filtered, take no crap, girl go? She disappears for a time and avoids everyone. Will she resurface as the old Ari? We, the readers, sure hope so.

Grant truly is doing his absolute best at being what he's suppose to be for everyone and Ari is doing her best to let him into her heart and soul. Young love can be so tumultuous and hard. Can our newest favorite rock star and his girl make it? Or will the groupies and other guys break them? Read and see!!

Reviewed for Stories and Swag!

Grant practically bounded across the room until he was directly in front of me. Then, his hands were cupping my cheeks so tenderly that it was as if he thought I might break in half. Without a word, his mouth dropped down on mine, and the kiss was as light as a feather. It was a question, a soft and delicate question, one he had never asked before—permission.

When I didn’t pull away from him, he received his answer. The kiss deepened, and he coaxed all the anger out of me. He drew it out as if sucking venom from an open wound. He kissed me so heatedly and lovingly that not even a drop remained. All that was left was a bottomless well of emotions of how much I loved and missed him.

When I came back into the moment, I heard the catcalls and yells from the people around us. It was then I remembered that we were in a crowded room, surrounded by people, and Grant had kissed the breath out of me. I flushed from head to toe at the attention, but he wouldn’t let me pull away.

“I’m sorry,” he whispered. “I shouldn’t have blown up on you. I shouldn’t have done anything. You’re all that matters.”

I stared up at him in confusion. “Who are you, and what have you done with Grant McDermott?”

He laughed that beautiful glorious laugh, and a smile lit up his whole face. It was that damn smile that had won me over in the first place.

“Run away with me,” he murmured.


“Run away with me. Let’s get out of here.”

“Where are we going?”

“Anywhere. Everywhere.”


KA LindeNEWUSA Today bestselling author K.A. Linde has written the Avoiding series and the Record series as well as the new adult novels Following Me and Take Me for Granted. She grew up as a military brat traveling the United States and Australia. While studying political science and philosophy at the University of Georgia, she founded the Georgia Dance Team, which she still coaches. Post-graduation, she served as the campus campaign director for the 2012 presidential campaign at the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill. An avid traveler, reader, and bargain hunter, K.A. lives in Athens, Georgia, with her fiancé and two puppies, Riker and Lucy.

Book 1 - Take Me for Granted
Book 2 - Take Me with You
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