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Blog Tour: Tortured Soul (Mercy's Angels 3) by Kirsty Dallas

Please Note - this book is recommended for readers 17yrs+. It contains some violence, some bad language, sexual situations and light BDSM themes. Tortured Soul deals with the subject of rape, human trafficking and prostitution. There are scenes which some readers may find difficult to read. 

Emily Donovan didn't know love, she didn't know gentle and her future wasn't hers to own. Because HE owned her. There is only so much one soul can take before it is broken beyond repair and she had reached that milestone long ago. 

Braiden Montgomery had secrets, secrets that would see a special place in hell reserved just for him. He was trying to make amends, trying to find his own form of redemption when a waif of a girl with jet black hair and pale blue eyes seized his heart. 

Emily's soul had been tortured by men like Braiden, so trusting the dark haired Dom would be one of the most difficult things she would ever do. For a man with skills like Braiden, keeping 'Em' safe would be a piece of cake. Bringing her frozen heart back to life might just prove impossible though. 

Saving Ella - Book 1 
Fighting Back - Book 2

Tabitha says…

5 Stars!

It's no secret that that I am in love with The Mercy's Angels Series by Kirsty Dallas. These books are all about women finding strength within themselves, when their situation seems utterly hopeless; and the all too perfect men that help them find their strength to heal. Tortured Soul is the third installment in the series, but could be read as a stand-alone.

Tortured Soul picks up shortly after the epilogue of Fighting Back. We find Emily in the clutches of pure evil. She went back to her life of slavery to protect her sister from harm. Enter in Braiden. He is a bad ass private detective that has vowed to find Emily and bring her back to the safety of her family.

When Braiden finds Em, she is in bad shape both physically and mentally. She has been in captivity for so long, it's the only life she knows. She had been systematically conditioned; through harsh and cruel punishment, to be a nothing more than a piece of property that wasn't capable of making simple decisions on her own. She couldn't even feed herself, because for so long she was fed by the hand of her master. Braiden knows in order for her to function, he is going to have to assume the roll as her new "master" until he can get her home and get her the help she so desperately needs.

Throughout this book, we see a woman who has lived through utter hell find the strength and determination to live again. Braiden helps Emily see that she is strong and has a backbone made of pure steel.

Tortured Soul is by far, the best book in the series. I was rooting for Emily to come into her own. And Braiden... Holy Cow! He is so perfect! He understood what Emily needed to heal, and he gave that to her. From the moment he called her Malen'kaya(Russian for little one) my heart melted!  This series is a must read!!

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