Tuesday, July 2, 2013

Sneak Peek! Prologue of Trust by L. Chapman


I love this time – 'our time’. John has the weekend off. He is lucky that he never has to work weekends. I’m only off today, and tomorrow, I leave for a three day first aid course. John should be arriving soon; I just finished showering and getting dressed. Well...when I say dressed, I mean putting on my sexy red bra and panties set, just the type that he likes, nice and lacy. I put on a short, red halter neck dress over the top of my lingerie to give him a bit of work to do. I never wear things this short when I’m out, only for John, this is for his eyes only. John and I have been together for five years. I don't remember the last time we have actually spent a full day together.We still have separate homes; in fact, he stayed at his house last night.
“Hi Megan,” John calls outas he walks through the door, locking it behind him like he always does, that will keep anyone from disturbing us. 

“I'm in the lounge,” I am so excited; I stand still and wait for him to walk in. 

“Now, then Sexy,” he pauses as he gives my ensemble a once-over.I can’t do anything but blush. 

He is in his normal T-shirt with a logo of a band on it and jeans. His brown hair is short as usual; I wish he would let it grow. It would give me more to grab hold of, during our intimate times. His eyes are a dark intriguing green colour. “I love what you're wearing. Are you going to stand up and give me a twirl?” John inquires as he winks at me. 
I stand up and walk straight into his arms, “I don't twirl...unless you twirl me.” 

“Oh Sexy, I am going to twirl you so much and you know it,”he says as he places his lips to my neck and kisses the nape. 

Oh, he knows how to get me going.

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