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Review and Giveaway: Faith, Honor and Freedom by Shannon Callahan

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Lana Carter, a twenty-eight year old doula, longs to have a family of her own someday. Hard to do, though, when her overprotective big brother and his best friend, Weston Hoss, have done everything in their power to run off any man who comes near her. Not to mention the fact that she spends most of her time helping other couples complete their families.

After her brother dies suddenly, Weston, police detective, takes his role of protecting her with even more tenacity. Tempers flare when Lana meets Alec Dalton, and Weston’s feelings for Lana are forced to come to the surface, along with a whole lot of guilt. 

When a serial killer stalks her quiet community, Lana finds herself in the midst of the investigation. Will Weston be able to resist temptation and keep her safe? Or will his attempt at honoring her brother place her in ultimate danger?

Jenn says:

I was very fortunate to receive an ARC from the author for an honest review.  This is the 2nd book in the series in the Fighting for Freedom Series that can be read a standalone as each book has different main characters.  I have not read the first book but after reading this one, I am going to dive into it! I seriously enjoyed this book as it had plenty of suspense and some hotness named Weston Hoss.  Oh did I mention he’s a dective?  Yup Officer Hoss should be Officer Hotness!  Just by looking at the cover (which I wanted to lick) I knew that I would be loving me some Hoss!
 The story starts with Lana Carter and her duties as a birthing coach aka a doula. Her grandmother was a midwife so she knew that she always wanted to me like her.  She delivers her best friends Violet’s baby and I could tell that I would love Violet and wish she was my best friend.  She quick quitted and would do anything for her loved ones.  I loved the interaction between them!  We quickly learn that Lana’s Father and Brother are both police officers but her Brother was killed in the line of duty.  Her Brother’s best friend, Hoss, promised her brother that he would always look out for Lana so they are best friends.  When Lana starts to date the mysterious Alec, Hoss quickly gets jealous of their relationship and wants to break the promise made that he would never pursue a relationship with Lana.  Lana has had a crush on Hoss for as long as has remembered.  He was her first high school crush that broke her heart when she finds him with another girl.  She knew that he would always be a bachelor and would never be serious about a relationship. 
About the time Alec inters the scene, horrible murders start happening near Lana’s neighborhood. Hoss insists on Lana staying at his house for a couple of nights so he could keep her safe.  After a couple of drinks, Lana gets brave and decides to seduce Hoss and they have the best sex either of them has ever had.  Hoss is plagued with guilt since he promised he would not pursue her.  He tries to distant himself from her and keeps busy with the murders that have happened around the city. 
Lana is contacted by a young girl to assist her in her birth.  Little does Lana know that the girl is much younger than want she stated and that is a runaway.  This girl has had to endure more in her short life than what most go through in a lifetime.  Her parents are drug addicts and abused her.  When she wasn’t abused by her parents, their friends would rape her.  She has no one to turn to when she is pregnant.  She comes across Lana’s name through a church and decides to reach out to her.  She leaves the hospital after giving birth several weeks early.  She leaves a letter for Lana stating she wants her to raise her daughter as Lana could give her daughter more than she could.  Lana would love to raise a child but she not fit to become a mother.  She is torn in her decision to raise the baby or let her go into the foster care system.  
Lana is then terribly attacked… everything changes for Lana and Hoss.  Will her attack be what brings them together or rip them apart?  Does Lana decide that she can raise a child? What happens to the mysterious Alec…  You will have to read the book to find out!  I was so enthralled in this story and read it in one afternoon!  Its addicting and you will want to know more about Lana and Hoss… or maybe Lana and Alec??? 

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Shannon Callahan is a wife and a mother of three beautiful girls, living in a remote city in Canada. She spends her days homeschooling, and playing princesses, and her nights reading and writing romance novels.

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