Tuesday, July 30, 2013

Blog Tour and Giveaway: Resplendent by M.J. Abraham

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Savannah Martinez and Andres Rivera have been friends since high school.
She knew him better than anyone else, and he was the only one she ever confided in.
Their friendship was the one brilliant thing they each cherished that wasn’t tarnished by outside forces that wanted them apart. 

But fate wasn’t on their side. When she gave him the chance to turn their relationship into something more, he let her go.
Heartbroken and alone, she kept her distance in more ways
than one. Now, years later, Savannah is back in town for good and Andres realizes just how empty his life has been without her.

When a secret comes to light, forcing a deeper wedge between them, Andres finds himself fighting for the only woman he has ever loved. Determined to fix the past and make things right, he will go to any length to prove to Savannah that they were meant to be together. 

Will fate give them a second chance? Or will those secrets and betrayals ruin the one last chance Andres has of being with the woman of his dreams?

Stephanie says:

I was pleasantly surprised by this book! Not only do I love the cover, but more importantly from the time I picked this book up I did not want to put it down.  I needed Savannah and Andres to have their HEA and it seemed that things were just not in their favor.  I was invested in both of them from the start. 
We meet them both in present day, but we also get to jump back to the past to see how they met and began their friendship and essentially doomed relationship.  Because we meet them in present day first, it really gives the reader a good idea of who they have become and their feelings for each other. Then we get to see it all unfold in the past.  There are ups and downs throughout the past and the present, and I believe this is what held my attention so tightly.  
Savannah was one of the few female leads that I really liked throughout the whole story.  She was kind and caring and sometimes put others first a little too much.  She made decisions that made sense. And although I don’t think she was some na├»ve pushover at the beginning of the book, by the end of the book she was stronger and a bit of a badass which I loved.
Andres was a hot, sexy alpha male.  He was a little bit too possessive in some ways, but it never seemed to bother Savannah, whom he adored with everything he had.  He made bad decisions. He made up for them.  Then he made more bad decisions, but for the right reasons.  Dre stole my heart from the beginning and did not let go.
As I said, this book grabbed me right away.  I was so invested in these two characters from the start.  It’s not a completely easy ride, but a very entertaining one.   There are twists and turns, most of which I did not see coming until I was right upon them. This book is definitely worth the read and quite a bit different from Dre’s sister’s story that I read in Happenstance. 

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MJ Abraham lives in bipolar weather Florida with a husband that makes her laugh and a superhero son that calls her his Princess. She has a degree in Business Administration from Nova University but finds the people in her head to be much more interesting. She is a lover of clever words, reading way past her bedtime, and zombies. She may or may not be as random as her bio.

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