Friday, January 30, 2015



Book 1.. VIP was 4 stars for me. We are introduced to the irresistible Sebastian Vanwell and his wife Julie. He seems to have the perfect life. He is a very successful yacht broker and marries to the love of his life, Julia. They have a beautiful son. So, all the ingredients for a perfect life.

Julia and Sebastian have known each other all her life, literally. When Sebastian met Julia's adopted sister Olivia, he just knew he loved her too but in two opposite ways.. Sebastian could not stand the thought of crushing Julia so he and Olivia were forced to keep their relationship a secret. After tragedy struck in the most awful way, Julia and Sebastian forged a bound that they thought was unbreakable..

Then.... He meets Ysabelle (Who bears a striking resemblance to Olivia) and his perfect life becomes a tornado. She is not your normal beauty. She is a VIP. Where he comes from a posh life, past, present and future. She has lived a life of hell and now only worries about herself. I know I should feel bad for Julia but I see Ysabelle as the underdog and I always cheer for the underdog.

Book 2... The Madam was a 5 star read. M. Robinson definitely turned the heat up in this one. It's full of more angst and one Hot Alpha Male who has made my Top 10 list.

We met The Madam briefly in Book 1 but this story is all about her (a.k.a Lilith Veronica Stone)  She is one b*tch I would not want to mess with. She is one of those characters that you have a love/hate relationship with. I really really hated to love her lol.

VIP has been in her family for many generations, passed down from mother to daughter and so on and so on. She basically started her training to take over VIP in the womb. Her mother was an evil witch that I wanted to jump through my Kindle and strangle!

Madam is a story of pure raw grit and power and I loved every twisting turn of it.

Book 3.. MVP was an easy 4 stars for me. The Epilogue for Madam and Prologue for MVP had me holding my breath to get to this one! We go back to Ysabelle after she left Sebastian behind. The writing style seemed to have shifted some in this one. There were some parts that I call "filler parts." Those are the pieces of the story that I could've 1. either lived without or 2. seemed repetitive.

Shes confused, shes lost and although some may not be happy with  the ending, I got the closure I needed.. Although this one wasnt my favorite, I feel M. Robinson wraps up this Trilogy wonderfully and it will be a series I read again.

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