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Saving Ayden ( Last Hangman MC #1)

Muriel Garcia


MC Romance

Release Date: January 2, 2015

Ayden and Anthony have been best friends forever. They did everything together and grew up around The Last Hangman MC. They've stuck together through the good and the bad, realizing that what they feel for each other is so much more than friendship. They confess their feelings and start dating but their happiness is short lived.
Ayden's life is changed in an instant...One minute you think everything is perfect, that you've found your happily ever after and the next minute your whole world comes crashing down, forcing her to leave New Orleans.
She starts a new life in New York but realize it's not enough, that she needs to get back to her roots even if it means going back where the MC is.
Anthony let Ayden leave six years ago.
He's always regretted it and seeing her again confirms how much he wants her and needs her in his life.
He'll do all he can to have Ayden back in his life and explain why she took off years ago.
What happens when her past catches up with her and starts messing with her life again?
Will she give into the fear of what took place that night might occur again? Or will she trust Anthony and let him help her get through it?
What happens when she finds out who is behind all the bad things she went through in the past? Will she be strong enough to handle the truth? Or will it destroy her beyond repair?
WARNING : Contains foul language, sex scenes, mention of abuse and rape. 18+ 

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After growing up together Ayden and Anthony have proclaimed their love for each other.  In one instant Ayden's life is changed.  She can't cope with what has happened to her and chooses to leave Anthony and her family behind and start a new life in New York.  Six years later she returns home and Anthony vows to find out what happened to her and win her love back.  This story is raw, gritty, and full of angst.  This dark read contains rape and violence but the author does a great job of writing about it in a delicate way.

Because of the violence in Ayden's past she is a shy person and has a hard time dealing with people.  Her family, Anthony and The MC rally around her.  The best part of the book is watching Ayden come out of her shell and become a strong women.  She is haunted by the past but soon learns how to deal with it.  Anthony was heart broken when Ayden left but as soon as he sees her he knows he still loves her and sets out to show her.  He is protective of Ayden and soon helps her deal with her demons.  The secondary characters in this book are also well developed.

The story focuses on tragedy, strength and true love.  The MC does play an important part in the story but is written in the background.  Ms. Garcia does a great job of handling a delicate subject in her writing.  There is suspense throughout the whole book.  When Ayden finds out who frames her father the story really heats up.  There are twists and turns throughout the book.  When you find out who the bad guy is you will gasp.  This story will keep you guessing and feeling right until the end.  I can't wait to see what the future holds for The Last Hangman MC.  

I received a gift copy in exchange for an honest review.  Read and reviewed for Stories and Swag Blog


When the waitress leaves her after delivering Ayden her food, I walk over and just as she’s about to take a bite, she looks up and we make eye contact. I can’t help the smirk spreading across my face, at the look of excitement, laced with worry, and could it be lust on her face? I don’t know what it is, but I hold her gaze for a couple of seconds before she looks down at her plate, denying me those beautiful jade eyes.
I sit down across from her in the booth. I can see her squirm, I still have the same effect on her and she still holds the same power over me. I have to readjust myself, my jeans are getting tight.
“Ayden.” I see her shiver when I say her name. She finally looks back at me.
“Anthony.” Her tone is clipped. She’s clearly surprised and not very happy to see me.
“We need to talk Sweet Cheeks.”
“Don’t call me that. You’ve lost that privilege long ago,” she whispers, she’s getting pissed. Good, at least she’s still affected by my nickname for her.
“Now, I wasn’t the one running away. I didn’t do anything wrong. I can still call you that if I want to.” I smirk playfully. I’m still hurt, but I don’t want her to run away again.
“I deserved that. Now if you don’t mind I’m trying to enjoy my diner.” She takes a bite of her pickle. Fuck me she did that on purpose!
“I see that.” I steal a piece of bacon from her burger and take a bite.
“Hey, that’s mine!”
“Too bad, now it’s mine.” I wink at her and shove the rest in my mouth.
“Fucker! You don’t mess with a woman’s food!” She’s adorable and extremely hot when she’s pissed.
“Well looks like I did, now will you listen to what I have to say or not?”
“Or not.” She takes an angry bite of the pickle again.
“Kinky.” I smirk licking my lips.
“Piss off Ant!” she whispers loudly.
“We’re going to talk Sweet Cheeks, like it or not, we will very soon.”
“There’s nothing left to say. I know what’s been going on, my mom’s kept me updated on everything. I don’t need you to repeat it to me, I’m good. We don’t have to act like we are friends.” I know she doesn’t mean it. She’s trying to hold back her tears and her lower lip is quivering.
“As you wish Sweet Cheeks. But it will happen very soon… you can bet on it.” I look into her eyes. Showing her I’m very serious about this talk we need to have. I want to have our talk now but I don’t want to scare her away even more. The last thing I want is for her to leave town again. It would kill me. “Have a nice day.” I take a sip of her drink, wink at her, and bend down to kiss her cheek—her soft skin is like heaven. I make my way out of the restaurant knowing I managed to get her attention and that she won’t forget I exist anytime soon. I just can’t wait to be able to talk with her and lay it all out.

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Ten Fun Facts about Muriel

1. I’m terrified of clowns, dolls, puppets.
2. I did competitive swimming when I was younger. 
3. I used to loath reading when I was in high school.
4. I was part of a theatre group and an improv one. 
5. I tattooed a man. 
6. I studied to be a filmmaker. (Clearly it didn't go as planned!)
7. I'm half Belgian and half Spanish.
8. I LOVE going to concerts. The heavier the music the better. 
9. Horror movies and ghost hunting shows are my favourite thing to watch…before bed. (Yep I'm a weirdo!)
10. I can't drive. I've tried but I have zero coordination making it impossible. 


About the Author

Muriel Garcia grew up in Belgium. She loves music, tattoos—especially on hot men, traveling, and cooking. She has always had an overly imaginative and creative mind but never thought of writing a book until a couple of months ago. Now she couldn’t imagine not writing stories that are near and dear to her heart.

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