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What happens when your head and heart contradict each other regarding the one person you’ve always wanted? 

Growing up, Luke Johnson and Libby Hayes thought they would be best friends forever. 

One kiss changed everything. 

Fearing his love for Libby could cost him their friendship, Luke chooses to listen to his head—instead of his heart. 

Will the regrets of denying the one person Luke wants to give himself to, end up leaving him lost and alone? Or will Libby be able to save him with her love? 

Saving You is book 2 in the Love Wanted In Texas Series.


Saving You is the second book in Kelly Elliott's Love Wanted in Texas series. This book focuses on Luke and Libby. I really enjoy reading about the kids of the Wanted series gang and getting to catch up with them as well.

Luke Johnson has loved Libby Hayes for as long as he can remember. They have always been best friends and partners in crime. They love to pull pranks on their family and friends. One night when they are at a party celebrating before everyone leaves for college Luke and Libby kiss and it changes everything. Luke is afraid to admit his feelings to Libby so he just leaves without another word.  He tries to forget her by dating other women but every time he is with them all he can think about is Libby. Will he ever be able to admit his true feelings for Libby?
"I'd rather have Libby in my life than risk losing her because of my feelings."

 Libby has always loved Luke and she is so confused because when he kisses her she thinks that he is finally going to open up to her. When he leaves without a word she is completely heartbroken. She decides she needs to just move on and forget about Luke. I felt bad for Libby and can't imagine what she was going through. Luke sent her heart on a very emotional rollercoaster ride. Will she be able to forget about Luke or will he always have a tight grip on her heart?

I love the connection between Luke and Libby. It isn't every day that childhood friendship turns into something more. I loved getting to catch up with the Wanted series gang. I can't wait to see who gets to tell their story next. This is a definite must read series by Kelly Elliott.

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