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Blog Tour: Bo & Ember

Bo and Ember by Andrea Randall
Book #4 in The November Blue Series

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Releases April 10th
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And they lived happily ever after …

That’s where the typical romance ends. For Bo and Ember Cavanaugh, however, the “I do’s” are just the beginning.

On the heels of a wildly successful tour with The Six, Bo and Ember are offered the musical opportunity of a lifetime. A cross-country move back to the Cavanaugh estate holds promises, old friends, and feelings they thought were long since buried. 

In the middle of the whirlwind that is their professional life, Bo and Ember try to establish a solid and loving home. Life, though, doesn’t stay in the promises of “happily ever after.” 

In the final installment of the November Blue series, excitement, temptation, loss, and the struggle over what love means forces the couple to strip it all away and focus on what it means to be soul mates, what it means to be married, and what it means to be … 

Bo & Ember.

Lea says…

Bo and Ember picks up a couple years after the couple has been married as they are touring with the San Diego Six. They are on the verge of being signed as a duet and are ready to fly the coop and spread their wings, musically and as a couple. Having had little alone time in the years since they have been with the Six on the West Coast, they are ready to head back East and begin again.
“That’s how it always felt with Ember and me. In the middle of a crowded bar or sitting alone on the beach. It was always just us.”—Bo
All through this book, and the series, I have grown quite fond of this pair. Their love is so strong and they have been supportive of each other through various trials, even though at times they didn’t always lean on one another until it was too late.
Again, the couple is faced with a very difficult situation, and I was proud of the progress they made by turning to help before things became too much. I understand that something had to happen in order to give them that chance to heal together, but I really hated that they had to suffer more hardships, especially Bo given what he has had to endure throughout his life.
“There was a dark storm brewing in Bo’s soul that he never let see the light of day. The thing about storms is, they rarely go quietly into the good night.”—Ember 
The ending was beautiful, however, and I am so happy with the way things have worked out for these two. It was great seeing Reagan and Georgia again, as well as their other friends, and to see what life brings to everyone in the gang.
If you are looking for a series with lots of great musical references and experiences, albeit with some angst thrown in, you definitely want to read these books. This is the last installment of the November Blue series, and though I am going to miss these characters, I know it was time for it to end. Bo and Ember brought the closure needed for this couple’s story and I give it 4 stars.

Andrea is a 2005 graduate of Cornell University and does not currently use her degree in Development Sociology. She does, however, use her people skills and love for writing every day. She and her partner, Charles Sheehan-Miles, live and write together in Massachusetts.

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