Saturday, December 28, 2013

Blog Tour: Review of The Weight of Words

Aubrey Price is in the final months of her undergraduate degree at the University of Toronto. Bright, witty, and fiercely independent, Aubrey works part-time for the college dean and has her sights set on graduating with distinction. When she meets Dean Grant's son, Daniel, the TA in her senior Shakespearean studies course, a shared love of the Bard's works and an instant mutual attraction draw Aubrey and Daniel together. 

Unfortunately, a strict anti-fraternizing policy--made more perilous by a black mark on Daniel's record--keeps them apart. Against this academic backdrop, Aubrey and Daniel navigate their way through a steamy courtship, their forbidden romance aided, abetted, and sometimes thwarted by a colorful cast of friends, family, and classmates.

Elle says...

The Weight of Words by Georgina Guthrie is hands down one of my favorite books of 2013. It was absolute literary bliss and perfection. It’s ironic how hard it is to write a review for a book when you loved it so much, but I don’t think my words can convey just how incredible this story is.

Forbidden romance. Shakespeare. A novel written with such eloquence and finesse, each chapter is smoother than a fine wine and sweeter than the richest chocolate. Want to read The Weight of Words yet? You should.

I won’t give away any spoilers but I will say that this novel is something everyone can enjoy. It’s light on the smut, but the sexual tension between Aubrey and Daniel is palpable and their interactions will leave readers raising eyebrows and biting bottom lips. This is the perfect example of how less really is more.

I couldn’t put this story down. My chest ached, my stomach got butterflies, and I savored every last word in this book. The story doesn’t end in a cliffhanger, but I was sad to be finished with it. Despite there being no cliff, you’ll be left wanting more and counting down to the second book in the series.

Treat yourself to Georgina Guthrie’s debut novel, The Weight of Words, and be consumed by this phenomenal story.

Georgina Guthrie is a self-professed book hugger and compulsive diarist. Though GG now resides in Canada, she was born across the pond and still considers herself a Brit through and through, which may explain her frequent visits to her favourite local British import shop.

GG is often happiest when reading and writing, but she’s just as likely to be found hanging out with friends and family, almost certainly with a glass of red wine in one hand a bag of cheese and onion crisps in the other.

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