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Blog Tour: Review of Ripple by L.D. Cedergreen

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Kendall Brooks has an impossible decision: Tell the truth or protect the lie?
She has buried herself in years of undergrad, medical school, and now her residency–hoping to leave behind what she is unable to face.

Her world is rocked to the core when she returns to her small hometown and runs smack dab into her first love, Adam McCoy.

Adam is the key. He stirs up old emotions that send Kendall spiraling back in time, remembering all the moments that led them to her ultimate deception.

Will revealing the truth of what transpired all those years ago provide her the self-forgiveness that she desperately craves or will her devastating secret destroy the only man she has ever truly loved, shattering her heart in its wake?

Jennifer D. says...

I wasn't sure what to expect with this book but when a good book friend says "This book is a must read" I paid attention and read. OMG! This was one of the best books I have read this year!  I was up to 4 am reading and only put it down because I knew the little ones would be up in a couple of hours!  It’s just that good!!!  I am now a huge fan of LD Cedergreen and I cannot wait to see what else is in store from her.  This is a complete story so you don't have to worry about a cliffhanger.  The book is written in past and present with a single POV. 
 We start out in the present with Kendall going home to her grandfather’s funeral.  She hasn’t been home for years.  She left 10 years ago and never looked back.  At the funeral she sees the one person who she didn’t want to see, Adam.  She was her first love. We got back to the past and see how their love blossomed and progressed.  They were high school sweethearts.  Adam is one year older than her so he goes off to college while she stays and finishes. They are determined to make it work because they feel like their love is genuine.
 Secrets are then exposed and I was like I knew it…. always too good to be true!   Adam is ruined by guilt by what he has done and feels like it would best for him to leave.   He travels to Africa to do some missionary work and ends up staying a total of three years.  Adam still loves Kendall very much and hopes they can work it out.  This is just something he needs to do for what he did.  He promises to write often and he does.  But the letters quickly change to how he misses her to how this is good for him. During this time, Kendall is also keeping a secret.  It was heart breaking because no amount of love will keep them together.  They both have lies and secrets they have kept from each other.  When Adam comes home, Kendall decides to come clean and goes to see him, but what she thinks she sees and what is reality are two different things.  This crushes Kendall and changes the path for both of them. 
Now back to the present of 10 years later.  You are rooting so much for true love to win,  I wanted so much for them to work things out after all these years.  But has too much time past and are the wounds too fresh. Will the secret Kendall exposes crush Adam or can it be the one thing that brings them back together after all these years?  You will have to read to find out!  

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I stood at the cold dark water’s edge, my reflection staring back at me from the glasslike surface. The reflection of a girl that I no longer knew. I breathed in the overwhelming scent of pine and recognized the tranquility that surrounded me. The soft hum of the city in the distance, the echo of an eagle’s cry overhead, the steady drum of my heart—the only sounds that could be heard in the quiet serenity that was present all around me.

Inside an entirely different scene existed. Whirling thoughts, like hurricane-force winds, blew through my mind while a dark, thunderous storm was raging inside my soul, cutting the power to the central organ of my existence—my heart. I was destined to weather this storm on my own. After all, like Mother Nature, I was the controlling force behind these conditions.

I threw a stone into the mirrored surface of the water before me and watched the small circular wave expand from the point where it broke through the stillness.

It was hard not to think of the stone as the choice I had made, the choice that inevitably created waves in the smooth waters of my life. The first lie, like the first ripple in the water, seemed so small but quickly became more significant. Each wave growing in size and depth, impossible to stop. The effect from that one choice spread through my life like the ripple moving across the surface of the water.

I longed for the stillness.

Meet the Author

LD Author Pic

L.D. Cedergreen has always enjoyed writing. It started as short stories, and later developed into poetry–some of which has been published–and now her first full-length novel. She’s a vivid day dreamer, a passionate reader, and a fan of all music.

She is a small town girl at heart. Originally from Washington State, she now resides in Southern California with her husband and two little ones. As much as she would like to call herself a beach girl, she is–without a doubt– grounded by her small town roots.


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