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TITLE: Losing Her
SERIES: Broken Road (Book 1)
GENRE: Contemporary Romance 
AUTHOR: Cori Williams
PUBLISHER: Booktrope Publishing
Release Date: November 7th, 2015

Love. I’d hated love for most of my life. I saw how it destroyed the one person I thought I could count on as it sucked him under, leaving him not to care about anything else in the world—including me. But when I didn’t close myself off, I let love consume me. Love and hate, two words that don’t often go together but that’s what I felt for him. Beneath the prince lurked a monster.

Lawson Reynolds fell in love with Campbell Wynn the minute he laid eyes on her—even though he was clueless to the fact. Maybe if he had realized it sooner, he wouldn’t have lost her. Campbell Wynn had no interest in becoming another one of Lawson Reynold’s groupies. She thought she found her own happily ever after when she didn’t think they even existed. But the perfectly painted picture soon turned ugly behind closed doors. Will Lawson’s unconditional love be able to save her from the downward cycle that she refuses to break? Or will she reach the point of no return?


5 Stars. 

Well Ms. Williams did it again.  She wrote a story that will mess with your heart, break it to pieces, and try to put it back together again.  Just reading the prologue I was like what just happened.  So let's take a walk down the Broken Road.

The first time Lawson sees Campbell he wants her.  She is not going to be one of his one night stands.  This starts a great friendship.  And this is when the story starts to get to me.  I wanted to shake Lawson.  You can tell he loves Campbell but he can't act on it.  He pushes love to the side.  Even though he doesn't show his love to her, he makes sure she is taken care of.  

"I have been living without her but I haven't been surviving."

Campbell has had a tough life.  Pretty much taking care of herself as she grows up.  Her friends as always there to help her.  When she meets Connor she falls fast and hard.  They have a good life for awhile and then things take a turn.  Will Campbell be stuck in this horrible life or can she break free?

So this broken road will leave you stumbling.  As Lawson denies true love and Campbell deals with a happily ever after that turns ugly this story takes so many emotional turns and twists.  Even though you fall in love with the characters there are times that you will be yelling and them.  As my heart shatters and I start to put it back together I will anxiously be waiting for the next book since this does end in a cliffhanger.  That is ok I will just message Ms. Williams about how she messed with my mind and my heart and beg her to write faster.  

I received a gift copy in exchange for an honest review.  Read and reviewed for Stories and Swag Blog. 
Cori Williams is a contemporary romance writer who recently relocated from Michigan to southern living in the mountains of North Carolina. When she’s not busy taking care of her three young children and sometimes fourth, aka as her husband, you’ll find her tapping away at the keyboard with music blaring and endless amounts of candy fuel at hand. Her love of reading from a very young age transferred over to a love of writing and now the stories are never ending as she creates the happily ever afters for her characters with sometimes bumpy journeys along the way. “Forever isn’t always easy.”
TWITTER: @CAWilliams00

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