Tuesday, October 1, 2013

Review: Withstanding Me by Crystal Spears

While the chaos and bloodshed have slowed for a short period, life is never quiet in the world of Breakneck. The club is taking time to regroup from internal betrayal and the changing of the guard in a rival group.

Zig Zag became a father at the age of thirteen. While raising a child has never been easy, now his eighteen year old daughter Tatiana makes his life downright hard. She has caught the eye of Travis, the new President of the rival MC Gunners, but all she really wants is
Shadow, the newest addition to the Breakneck family. When Shadow’s rejection sends Tatiana running from the only family, home, and safety she’s ever known, ZZ is crazy with worry. The distraction caused by Tatiana’s disappearance could prove to be Zig Zag’s downfall.

If that isn’t enough, ZZ finds himself rampantly attracted to the one and only Storm. She’s beautiful, quick and witty. Their friendship is the one thing that keeps him from growing crazy, and Storm stands by ZZ through all the turmoil. Zig Zag is not accustomed to hearing the word no, so Storm’s constant withstanding just draws him in deeper. Their
friendship is one thing keeping him from going crazy, until one night…

The club is regrouping and rebuilding from the mayhem known as the Russian Mafia. A hit is ordered on Tatiana, Storm, Winter, and Piper.

Tatiana’s egg donor reveals secrets that a thirteen year old Zig Zag was too young to understand.

Braxxon is out of reach while he helps Greg Cage deal with some dirty business.

Bloodshed… Secrets… Betrayal…Trauma… Welcome back to the Breakneck world.

Angela says:

Warning: While I’m always careful not to give spoilers in my reviews, Withstanding Me is part two in the Breakneck Series, and I can’t promise that there won’t be spoilers of book one, Seize Me, in this review. If you have NOT read book one, please proceed with caution. Better yet, go read book one, which was a five star read for me.

We met Zig Zag  (ZZ) the Road Captain for Breakneck in Seize Me. He is rough and tough and raising a teenaged daughter he fathered at the age of 13. He met Storm when Breakneck rescued a group of women from a sex trafficking ring. She had been victimized, but she is no longer a victim. Breakneck has taken her in, and made her one of their own. The story picks up with ZZ determined to have Storm for a night of sex, and Storm determined not be used by a man for sex again. ZZ just can not believe that Storm can “Withstand Him”.

I can’t begin to tell you guys how much I loved this story. It really isn’t my usual genre. I tend to be the flowers and candy and happily ever after kind of love story. When Seize Me came out, I was DETERMINED not to read it, but someone gifted me a copy, and I was lost to the series. 

I love how Crystal Spears takes you into the life of a motorcycle club. Now, do I know how how a MC works? No way, but I’m pretty sure she knows what she is talking about. Not only do we get ZZ and Storm’s points of view in this book, but Braxxon and Winter both make appearances, and we get inside their heads, Tatiana, ZZ’s daughter has a turn, and even Shadow has a go in the spotlight. It takes a good storyteller to use that many points of view in one book and make it work! I absolutely  how love how these guys work as a family. 

This really isn’t a story that is all sunshine and roses, bad things happen to the main characters, and it stressed me out at times. I really can’t complain about it, because just the genre and the actual warning in the front of the book sets you up for this. Even with that being said, I totally enjoyed the book, and I give it five stars!

Georgia says:

Biker Babes unite!!  How much do I love Crystal Spears? More than words can express. She is the Rum to my Coke.  If you have not read book one, Seize Me, go now and read it. Raunchy, powerful and hot as hell. The woman can write one hell of a sex scene, not to mention a fine story.

You could read book two as a stand alone, but why would you? Book two is all about ZZ and Storm. ZZ is a young biker father. He is 31, with a daughter who is 18. This man has lived.  His attraction to Storm is undeniable, he believes if gets one night with her he will be able to move on to his old habits of sleeping around. Storm is a 22-year-old woman who has seen her share of trouble and is trying to get her life together.  She does not want her life complicated by another one night stand with a man who will forever be in her life. Her boss and best friend, Winter, is married to the President of the Motorcycle Club that ZZ is part of. How do they keep their relationship on a friendship basis when the chemistry between these two is a blazing fire?

If you like to read stories on the way hotter side do not miss this series.

5 Rocking Fist Pumps!!!

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