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Blog Tour: Review of A Summer to Remember by Elle Chardou

Jerrica Peterson doesn't believe in love and although she is a successful art gallery owner in Manhattan at the tender age of twenty-four, life has played a cruel trick on her.

Two years ago, an incident at Vassar College ruined her life and destroyed her relationship with her boyfriend. Now, the only purpose men serve is for temporary satisfaction.

However the summer of 2013 is about to be explosive and everything she believes about life, love and friendship is about to be turned on its head.

It's a summer where she will discover true love, travel to three amazing getaways: the Hamptons, Martha's Vineyard and Miami Beach...and where she will realize that having the love of her life is truly fulfilling but when she has her three best friends in tow, life is made that much sweeter.

This is a New Adult novel appropriate for those 17+ due to mature content, language and adult situations. HEA endings and NO CLIFF HANGERS!

Seasons of Love & Lust will consist of the following full-length novels which follow a group of four best friends who all attended Vassar College. Think Sex & the City meets Gossip Girl:

A Summer to Remember (Jerrica's story)
Falling For Autumn (Autumn's story)
Winter's Regret (Talia's story)
Spring Fling (Savannah's story)

Julie says...

Summer To Remember is a sweet story of heartache and learning to heal again, but the sparks do fly and did not disappoint me.  I think everyone would want asummer to remember like this!!

Jerrica had her heart broken by her college boyfriend Kevin and feels as if she is too damaged for another man.  She runs her own gallery in New York and vows to never fall in love again.  She goes from one meaningless one night stand to another.  She thinks that she doesn’t deserve to be loved once someone finds out her deepest dark secret.  But, when she gets fed up and needs a break, she escapes to her family’s home in Southampton with her friends and her brother, Jude.

Then, here comes Paul Branson, Jude’s best friend.  Paul has practically grown up with Jerrica and Jude, but has always had a thing for Jerrica.  They knew they could never be together because of Jude and now Paul is in another relationship.  When they come face to face at her parents’ home, that attraction is still there.  She tries everything she knows to stay away.

“I’m damaged goods, Paul.  Inside, everything is broken and my emotions are like shattered glass.  I’m not good for any man, especially one as worthy as you.” 
Paul does everything he can to prove Jerrica wrong and show her how important she is.  He knows he wants her like no one else he has ever wanted.  I love how she keeps trying to fight her feelings but he is so persistent. 

“You’re my life and my love, Jerrica.  No one will ever measure up to you and no one ever could.” – Paul

I love seeing all the obstacles they faced and even when he found out her secret, he still wanted to be with her.  I was also surprised to see that Paul had some secrets of his own and they were a shocker!!  I was certainly not expecting it!!

I have always been a fan of Elle’s and Jerrica’s friend, Talia, has a big storyline in the Scarlet Fever series.  So to me, I especially enjoyed getting more of that too.  Jerrica and Paul have that relationship that you just keep pulling for up to the end. I give this 4 stars and am looking forward to getting more of this series. 

Elle Chardou is a world traveler and author of several different series.

Ms. Chardou is the author of The Ties That Bind Trilogy, The Atonement Series, The Hart Family Saga, The Vamp Saga, The Supernaturals, Undertow, and Beginnings: Book I (The Plague) series.

She is currently working on A Summer to Remember from the brand new Seasons of Love & Lust series, Only Love (The Atonement Series) and Queen of the Immortals from The Vamp Saga series.

Ms. Chardou has lived abroad in Stockholm (Sweden), Manchester (England), Los Angeles, the San Francisco Bay Area and Portland. She currently resides in Las Vegas, Nevada.

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