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3.5 Stars

Inferno is the first book that I have ever read by Kathryn Kelly and it most likely won't be my last. This book ends in a huge cliffhanger and I need to know what happens to the characters. This book does include some heavy and dark subject matter so please read at your own risk.

Sloane Mason is the front man for his band Phoenix Rising. He has had some issues with drugs in the past and his band is giving him one more chance to get his act together or they are kicking him out for good. He now uses sex as his drug which is how he ends up in bed with an older woman and her husband. On his way out of their house he runs into their sixteen year old daughter, whom he thought was older that has some serious troubles of her own. He feels the need to save this girl but he knows that her young age could very well be the end of his music career. Will he risk his band to try and save her or he will he walk away from her and never look back to save himself?

"I hate to see beauty destroyed just as much as I hate to deny myself. Whether she knows it or not, she's still the lamb, and I'm still the wolf. If I get involved with her, I'll blow everything. I'll ruin her and destroy me."

Georgie McCall has been in love with Sloane Mason for as long as she can remember. He is the last person she expects to see when she returns home from a night filled with  drugs and alcohol. Not many people care about or pay attention to Georgie so when Sloane tries to save her from herself she is very happy to spend time with him. She is a lost broken girl who sometimes thinks that death is the only way out of her miserable life. She uses drugs and alcohol to escape the reality of her horrible life. She yearns for love and attention form her parents but they only care about themselves. Sloane is one of the few people who have ever wanted to help her but she isn't sure if he will stick around or leave her like everyone else in her life. Will she give Sloane a chance to help her or will she continue on her downward spiral?

I did enjoy the connection between Sloane and Georgie. They went through hell and back throughout the story and I really hope the get some closure in the next book. The only complaint I have is that there was so much going with all of the secondary characters it was sometimes hard to keep up with the storyline. I look forward to finding out what happens next in Sloane in Georgie's story.

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