Thursday, April 30, 2015


She’s wealthy.
She’s protected.
She’s got everything anyone could ever want. 

And she’s sick of it.

He’s the guy next door.
He’s blue collar.
He’s got his eye on her.

But he’s got secrets.
They both do.

When two worlds collide, it can get ugly.

Greed, money, love and jealousy;
It’s a dangerous combination. 

Mature adult/Erotic Romance


3.5 stars…..sweet happy ending

Clarity has the life most people dream of having, the only problem is she’s sick to death of it, she is sick and tired of having everything in life handed to her on a silver platter and never having to earn anything. She’s tired of living the life of a princess locked away in an ivory tower looking down on everyone else who is beneath her on the wealthy social ladder. It is at one of these glitzy glamour fests that she snaps and realizes that she has had enough and she decides to escape her gilded cage and make a normal life for herself without her Daddy controlling her and calling all the shots. In her search for independence she quickly learns that being in the real world is hard and each day she is reminded more and more just how sheltered her life has been. But no matter what life throws at her she is determined to stick it out and prove to her family and herself that she can do this and she is determined to find happiness all on her own.

“I want to live a different life, one with meaning. One without rules, standards and etiquette.”

was amazed at how quickly Clarity established a new life especially given how naive she was, to the point that her naivety was irritating most of the time. It was so hard to believe she was 31 years old yet sometimes had the mentality of a high school girl even though she’s been through college and worked in the corporate world since she graduated.  All that being said I was proud of Clarity for making the decision to change and not being afraid to go for what she wanted no matter how much she has to struggle to accomplish her goal.

Mason was AMAZING! Completely swoon worthy, he swoops in to save the damsel in distress and that’s all it takes you’re hooked from that moment on. He is everything CJ has ever dreamed of and she is everything he’s been looking for his whole life. I loved their connection and I loved the genuine caring he showed CJ even when she didn’t want him to care he still did without fail.

“I’ll never let you go, and if you fall; I’ll catch you.”

would have liked more information and some clarification on a few things like the depth and extent of the relationship between Mason and Sylvia, to me that was left unfinished and with some major questions. I didn’t like the inconstancies in explanations about Olivia I think the author added the last storyline with her as an afterthought but didn’t go back and fix the original conversation to match and in turn made it not make sense but also somewhat make you believe that Mason is untruthful, not to mention it brought nothing to the book itself so it was pretty pointless.  The suspense was good and I loved the way it kept you guessing, the end result definitely surprised me. I would love another book with maybe some of the secondary characters.

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