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5 beautiful stars.

You know every now and then you just need to dive into a great historical read. I haven't read anything by Abbie Williams before but when this book was offered I jumped on the chance. Having been in a reading and reviewing slump I opened this one and was transported back 140+ years.

Lorie Blake was raised as a lady but sure enjoyed being with her dad and brothers and doing "boy" things. She had a loving family and was left all alone after losing them to the Civil War. With no family to speak of a neighbor took Lorie in and then sent her to another family who in turn gambled her away to a whorehouse.

3 years went by and in that time she lost her virginity, almost killed, and lost her will to fight. She'd given up on ever getting away from Ginny and the evil ways of the whorehouse.

Let me stop right there and tell you - the writing here is so descriptive. I lived it with Lorie. I hurt with her, I cried with her, I fought with her. You can see the dirt roads, the stage coach, the swaying skirts and parasols. When you read this you will live it.

Okay so Lorie has  been there three years and has succumbed to her new way of life. Well whether by fate or good luck a man, Gus, who visits her at the whorehouse and after using her for her services begins to ask questions. Low and behold he knew her father in the war and lived not too far from them in Tennessee. Feeling distraught that he's just used her and knowing her father saved his life once he must now remove her from the situation.

Like I said, the writing is superb. I could see everything Lorie, Gus, Boyd, Sawyer and Malcolm were seeing and experiencing. The descriptions and adjectives along with the narrative were just so captivating.

While on the trail she becomes the sister to Boyd and Malcolm while she secretly was falling for Sawyer and he for her. Well you know there's always a catch. In Heart of a Dove, it's no different. Sawyer made a choice and they both have to live with the pain and consequences of his choice. This is extremely painful and difficult but it's so wonderfully written that you live with them.

This is definitely a book about second chances; for Lorie, Sawyer, and Gus. It's an epic love story of heartache, hard times, and true love. There's something wonderful about reading a historical romance and mix in just a touch of Irish folklore and Magic and I am a super happy reader!

Now there's a second book coming out in 2015. I hope I can get my little hands on it as soon as it's released! Thank you Abbie Williams for this wonderful wonderful series.
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