Monday, November 17, 2014



Trailer Park Princess by Delia Steele

4 stars

Rory, has had to grow up way too fast, what with a drug addict and alcoholic for a mother then having to raise her little brother on her own. She works after school at the diner to help keep food on the table and a roof, however pitiful, over their heads. 

She literally ran into the high school star quarterback, Toby, and fell for him hard. Rory thinks he hangs the moon but then the sun starts shining on him. He's not as sweet or as protective as he once was. His ex-girlfriend starts making things difficult for Rory. His mommas just as bad as the ex. Rory thinks he's the best thing since sliced bread so she accepts his change of behavior and the way she's treated. Until one night she meets the knight in shining armor of the trailer park. 

While fighting off one of her moms "buddies" Rome comes from out of the blue and saves her. They form a bond that can't be broken and Toby's none to pleased about it. Once she suffers a life altering event she needs Rome more than ever. And he needs her. Their friendship just keeps getting stronger and stronger. 

Will their friendship grow into more? What will Toby do if it does? Is it possible for a trailer park princess to really find a knight in shining armor and live a happily ever after? 

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